10-Month Reflection & BIG Announcement!


Happy Monday Confident Ladies,

Hope you had a restful weekend and are ready to take on the world today. I am excited about our topic of serving this week. Serving has been a crucial component to running my business. Today I have a LOT to say and a BIG announcement at the end. But please bear with me and read through this whole letter if you want to be inspired today.

Today I want to take you on a stroll down memory lane. This time last year I had NO business. I had my psychotherapy practice, but no online coaching business. I had this HUGE burden on my heart to do something BIG. Everyone around me told me to settle down and just focus on the therapy business I had successfully created and filled. But they didn't get it. I had this insatiable desire to do something MORE. I started working with a coach and she began to help me put into words what this calling was. I knew I was called to make a big impact on women, but not exactly sure how. I had just wrapped up a workshop I co-hosted with a colleague to teach mental health clinicians how to successfully begin their private practices. It was a hit. We had 19 people attend and today, many of those individuals are now running thriving practices, doing the miracle work they were meant to do.

But again, I wanted to do MORE. My friends and my family didn't understand. And sadly I lost my best friend through this. She kept telling me, “stop working so hard, just stay doing what you’re doing, it’s working, stop trying to do more, you’re going to ruin what you already have.” I knew deep down I had a BIG PURPOSE and had to move on. This industry can be so hard. There will be days when no one BUT YOU will believe in your dreams and that’s OK, you have to keep fighting for what you believe in. As soon as I released that friendship of many years, I had space to think. I could stop listening to opinions and how I should be running my life and business. And I RAN. I had this new freedom within and I began to create and write and plan until I had an idea.

Screenshot 2016-07-22 08.56.26

Screenshot 2016-07-22 08.56.26

I began a scholarship program and worked 1:1 with five women for two months to give this coaching thing a shot. At least if I sucked at it, they didn't pay right? So why not? Well I actually was really good. And helped these women shift perspectives in their lives. I decided to keep on doing it. You see this picture here? This was my “ad” about to announce this scholarship program. Talk about cheesin! But I thought it was beautiful. I always hear people say, “if you aren’t embarrassed by your first creations, you started way too late.” This is the literal definition of this IG post! And today I am PROUD of it. I lost my best friend, had people not believing in me, but still had this desire and calling to keep on going.

Fast forward to end of scholarship program, early October. I told my coach I am going to get all my stuff in order and “launch this business” January 1st 2016. She challenged me. WHY WAIT?! Ok I got through that block quite fast and decided to launch at the LEAST ideal time in probably the history of my life. The hubs and I’s income property had a flood the week prior, was in 45k worth of damage that we couldn't afford to hire out help to do, and we had planned a family vacation the following week that we really felt awful going on, but had already paid for. Then the dog caught kennel cough, the kennel wouldn't board him, so we had to pay for a new hotel that was dog friendly and bring Turbo along ( honestly, I didn't mind one bit!!).

So I said “screw it, there will never be an ideal time in life, I’m going for it”. We both were pretty distraught, but again I felt, why not just go for it. So I launched my business officially on October 12th. Here is a picture of that special day I will always remember. This definitely wasn't the most relaxing vacation, but it sure was memorable, being the pivotal moment in my career. 

Screenshot 2016-07-22 09.07.31

Screenshot 2016-07-22 09.07.31

Now you all pretty much know the in between parts, which I talk about pretty often. Going from being invisible and hearing crickets to getting visible and becoming impactful in my business. If you want all the details on that make sure you download my case study here: http://www.katecrocco.com/getvisible . But back to the story.

In the last 10 months of business I have seen some incredible things happen, not just for me, but more importantly, the clients I serve. I have had numerous clients leave their 9-5’s, grow their confidence, start stepping out, booking clients, working with IDEAL clients, and finally earning an income for the miracle work that they do. My #1 goal in this business is to support and see my clients achieve whatever success looks like to them. If you are curious what these women have done, please check them out here: http://www.katecrocco.com/praise/ .

Looking back now, almost a year from that cheesy post with the peach lol, I can say God is good. He is faithful and he takes care of his children. But guess what? He can’t do big things like this unless we are willing to let go, surrender, and allow him to speak through us and give him full control of our life and business. I prayed non-stop for peace and he challenged me-- things were pretty much turned upside down, but I kept believing and he's honored that by giving me peace today. I am telling you this story because I want you to see how your life and business can change pretty much overnight if you put the work in, surrender, and also get the right support. Although finances were a mess with all that was going on with our property, I knew I didn't want to wait until the next year to continue investing in my business. I was willing to do the difficult, take that leap of faith, put coaches and programs on credit cards, and see my business explode with abundance shortly after. And thank goodness I did this. This has allowed me to have a wait list for 1:1 clients, launch a successful Mastermind program with 10 women, and recently launch a Group Coaching Program with 18 power-house women. I have learned way more in this short 10 months than I did in my 4 years of undergrad, 2 years of my masters, 1 year of my post masters, and 5,000+ clinical hours of psychotherapy. Sounds crazy right?! But when you completely surrender, big GROWTH takes place.

Is this something that you want to see happen in your life and business? Are you done playing it safe, waiting for those ideal clients to come, hiding in the background, allowing people to take advantage, letting fear hold you captive, and past stories keep you stuck? If so, I want to help. You know I’ve been there. I’ve done that. And yes, I’ve even gotten the t-shirt.

I know that this intense mindset growth takes time. And after almost a year of working 1:1 with incredible women, I have decided that the best way to foster this change is to have longer term support. My women see huge shifts in my 90-day program, but they tell me after that they crave even more. They achieve those big goals, but with that next LEVEL comes a new DEVIL. And that is why I now will ONLY be supporting my clients through a 6-month program.

This new 6-month program begins August 1st. My one year anniversary of my scholarship program. Until then, I have two spaces left for my 90-day program. After that, it is going away forever. If you have been considering working with me for some time and have been interested in my 90-day program NOW is the time to do it. Just like my big mess last fall, it was AWFUL and probably the worst time to launch a business and make business investments, but guess what, I surrendered, took the leap, and it ALL paid off plus much, much more.

I have opened up my calendar next week for calls to interview as many of you who are interested. Again, I only have 2 spots left for my 90-day program and after that it will be retired and the only way for us to work together is my new 6-month program.

Stop waiting and decide today you are going to commit to change. FIll out your application here and we will hop on the phone and I will tell you how I will help you acheive your goals: http://www.katecrocco.com/mindset-mastery-1/

Lots of love, blessings, & abundance,Kate