Making Space For Relationships

Making Space For Relationships


Hey Confident Lady!

This week we’ve been talking “Making time for Relationships”.  I bet this already ignites some type of emotion within you after reading this. Time for relationships? This is a part of having a successful business? Yes, it actually is. Today I want to ask you a few questions that may not be easy:

// Do I make time for the people that I care about?

// Do I REALLY make enough time for the people I care about?

// Why am I not doing this right now? What’s stopping me?

Take a moment today to really think about how much time you invest in your business and then your relationships. Are you happy with where you’re at or do you know there is more to life than JUST working? 

Now I’d like to share a few tips that have worked for me.

  1. Ask yourself what spending time with friends and family would ideally look like to you. Everyone’s needs are different.

  1. Now ask yourself WHY you haven’t been living out your ideal life.

  1. Now cut out three things in your life right now that are no longer serving you and can free up some time for you living out that ideal amount of time with friends/family.

  1. Take a peek at your weekly calendar and find ways to block time/condense things that are taking up more time then they should. And then set one to however many days aside as days OFF from your business. YES, I said at LEAST one full day off from your business.

What steps will you take today to cut out the crap and make more room for relationships in your life?!

When I first started my business I heard all this talk about the HUSTLE— “If you aren’t hustling enough, you must not want it badly enough”. And to be perfectly honest, I fell for this pressure. I felt like I needed to work REALLY hard in order for my business to work. I had difficulty taking ANY time off for myself, for my friends, family, etc. I was giving ALL my time away to the business, making freebies, doing free calls, discovery calls, and not seeing much ROI the first several months. I was feeling frustrated, exhausted, burned out, and in super scarcity mode. I kept doing MORE AND MORE and wasn’t getting much back. I realized (luckily shortly after) that this was not the way to run a sustainable business. And by February (started my business October), I made a vow to myself that I would begin TAKING TIME OFF– at least TWO weeks off PER QUARTER. I booked two vacations within two weeks of each other to spend some quality time with my hubby and my business BLEW UP!

I came back to having almost a FULL roster of 1:1 clients and since, my business has ONLY continued to multiply. What I learned was, the “hustle” is important, but it’s NOT sustainable. 

// Did it help me propel my business to a higher level faster? ABSOLUTELY. 

// But would it have been sustainable? NOT AT ALL. I would have crashed and burned if I continued on that way. 

I was feeling resentful I had no time for myself, my friends, my family, and it would have just turned into one big mess if I continued on that way. So I tell you this today because I guarantee that 90% of you are feeling this way. You’re feeling pulled in way too many directions. You know you’re slowly losing grip with the people who mean the most in your life. 

My advice, LEAN BACK. Now this doesn’t mean, stop working. NO, this means do the things that will create income for you, keep you visible, continue to grow your know/like/trust, but DON’T get caught up in ALL THE OTHER THINGS. Like feeling pressured to create webinars, challenges, passive income, programs, etc…… DO what will create INCOME for you easily, which will help you grow your business, hire help, outsource, and later, worry about all the other things. 

How are you running your business today? Are you making time for the people you love most? Or are you so immersed in your business that you feel you’re missing out?  Please share with us in the comment section below what’s coming up for you after reading this.

And if you’d like some support with getting into an abundance mindset and allowing more E A S E into your business, shoot me an email at and I’ll give you some ways I can help support you!


XO Kate