Fulfilling Your Purpose Today


This week I talked a lot about "Uncovering God's Plan or Purpose for your Life."

In my group I shared about my WHY and how I was able to turn a painful past into a beautiful gift to bring healing to others.

I also shared about not feeling the need to figure out your "big purpose" right NOW. When we hear the word PURPOSE we usually think BIG PICTURE like ending hunger in the world or being a speaker to a huge audience.  But I like to say STOP & look around you in this moment. Focus on how you can fulfill your purpose TODAY. For example, my purpose today is to encourage women in the Confident Ladies Club.

How can you fulfill your purpose TODAY?

Here are two videos for you today!

First is an interview with one of our very own members, Rachel S. Lee!

And the second is your weekly Q & A video.



Have a happy & healthy day!

XO Kate