Year Two in Business

Happy Tuesday Confident Lady,


This week I am super excited to bring to you a short (I promise!) reflection of year two in business. October 12th was my two year anniversary of having this business. With all of the recent excitement of my Conquer + Create Retreat, it pretty much slipped my mind until good old facebook reminded me!


I’ve noticed something about the fall. Not sure if any of you can relate, but each fall those things I’ve been working on for what seem forever, tend to come to fruition. I can remember back in the day when I would want to get more toned for summer. It would feel like I was working January 1st on and then before I knew it, it was September, I’d look in the mirror and boom I would be more toned. I feel like every time I would surprise myself, when it really shouldnt have been a surprise right?

This pattern has followed me into life + business. I set my goals for the year, feel like I’m what I’d been working on was unfolding before my eyes. Some examples I want to celebrate today:

September 2008 ---> finally beginning graduate school at Columbia University after what felt like a long and strenuous process of applying.

September 2011 ---> beginning my dream job (at that time!) and moving into my dream apartment (550 square feet rather than 220 LOL) after what felt like years of searching and also saving

September 2013 ---> wrapping up my post masters degree in addictions

September 2014 ----> finally having my LCSW and opening up my local private therapy practice

September 2015---> launching this business!

September 2016 ---> closed August with my best month yet at $18,000. Found out I was growing a human! (my precious baby Annabelle) And was in a place where I could finally begin to lean back in my business.

September 2017 ---> Held my first retreat with Lacey Sites (Conquer + Create), officially started writing my book, booked paid speaking gigs, AND only working 12 or so hours per week (while still making an income) and being home with my beautiful babygirl.

All of these successes are great and all, but I constantly remind myself they “suddenly” appeared after months and years of putting the work in. A fellow Confident Lady actually shared this quote with me today and thought it was so fitting for this conversation:

“Infinite patience produces immediate results” - A Course in Miracles

How true is this? We work so hard and feel like it’s taking forever during the thick of it and then we achieve our goal and say “wow it feels like I just started”. At the retreat I had the ladies partake in an exercise to help reveal to them how successful they really are. I asked them to think back to 2010 at what their then dreams and goals were. I asked them if they achieved any of those goals. Each and every one said they exceeded their goals in some way. I think we often underestimate how powerful a focussed mindset can be. If you commit to making something happen, you very well CAN make that something happen.

Take a moment and try this exercise out today. What have you achieved that you never would have imagined you would by now? I’d love to hear. Please share with us below! And also, what will you commit to working toward the rest of 2017. Oftentimes we look at HUGE goals and miss the little ones that are just as important to help us get there. What small goals will you accomplish Q4 that will be a stepping stone to that BIG one?

Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well!  Also, If you'd like even more support in your business, be sure to check out my incredibly supportive community + sisterhood of lady bosses like YOU in the Inner Circle!

XO Kate

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