Welcome, confident lady!

I'm Kate and I'm so glad you made it here!! Check out all my exciting goodies below. First, here is a little more about me:

I am a Psychotherapist turned Confidence and Mindset Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs. I help women create massive success in their businesses by helping them identify patterns that have held them back from greatness by lovingly challenging, supporting and guiding. I guide them in creating an unshakable mindset + confidence to enable them to do the miracle work they were meant to do and make an even bigger impact in the world.  I am able to utilize my clinical expertise as a trained psychotherapist, along with my experience of owning both a local and online business to help maximize my client results.

Looking forward to connecting with you!





MAKE IT HAPPEN MONDAY: Sharing what our intentions are for the week.

TRY THIS TIP TUESDAY: I will offer a tip related to our topic of the week.

WISDOM WEDNESDAY: I will share a story or example to bring our weekly topic to life.

THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY: This will be a time for you to reflect on the topic and journal on your own.

FREEDOM FRIDAY: We will discuss what steps we took to get us closer to our goal.

SELF CARE SATURDAY: You better know what this one means!!

SHARE YOUR SERVICES SUNDAY: I want to hear what you are doing! Promote yourself & your biz, talk about wins you had at your job, share some recent projects you’ve worked on at home. Just share what you are proud of in your life! 



1. Be respectful of one another, ONLY lifting each other up :)

2. Due to the more sensitive nature of the topic, try your best to keep what we talk about within this group. 

3. If there is any negativity, I will kindly ask you to leave. I think you get the picture, this is a POSITIVE space!! <3

4. And lovingly, please do not talk in detail about clients. It can be a brief win or asking a question for direction. Use your discretion <3

5. Feel free to post LOTS of inspiration. This could be in the form of a quote, article, brief story, etc. And the 3 posts of value to 1 freebie post rule! Please save all PAID promotions for our Sunday Promo thread.



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MINDSET MAKEOVER BUNDLE: 3 workbooks created to help you overcome fears and insecurities that are holding you back

DECISION MAKING BUNDLE: 3 workbooks to inspire you to take action and take the stress out of decision making

LET'S GO FROM INVISIBLE --> IMPACTFUL: 6 week course on visibility to help you stand out as a leader in your industry

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