Imagine fearlessly sharing your brilliance with the whole world…

Now imagine getting paid handsomely for it…


That’s what happens when you master your mindset.


It’s time to stop holding yourself back from the business and life on your vision board!!


This is the moment where you make a choice.


Ask yourself…

Are my habits of procrastination, self-sabotage and perfectionism helping or hurting my business?

Will I continue to allow myself to struggle getting ideal clients?

Is hiding out really the best way to serve?


Today I own two thriving businesses that I built from the ground up, but along the way, I had the same doubts you do:

  • Will I be able to create something I’m proud of that not only earns me a decent income, but allows me to give back in a BIG way?
  • Will I be able to ONLY work with clients who are fully aligned to my mission who are ready to take action and do the work?

  • Will I ever be able to have that freedom I so desired before starting this business? Freedom to travel and space to cultivate + nurture relationships while not working 24/7.

  • Can I confidently own my worth and value and set limits with clients around time and money?

  • Is it possible to continue earning enough income to sustain my business and not go back to a 9-5?

Any of this sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can actually change your thinking, your habits and your behavior to set you up for success. The clients, the impact and the income you want start within.


What is Mindset Work?

Mindset work is examining the ways we hold ourselves back so we can overcome them. This could be self-sabotage, perfectionism, insecurity, fear, guilt or limiting beliefs, and they can keep us from succeeding in business.

If you’ve had business coaches or taken courses before and you’re still not booking enough IDEAL clients or making the sort of money you desire, your mindset is probably the culprit. But don’t worry—the beautiful part is we can shape the way we think, so we can get more of what we want.

Now that I’ve embraced new ways of thinking, implemented daily self-care rituals, gotten visible, and developed the faith to move through my fears, I realized it’s not just about getting a good business coach. You have to believe growth is possible, embrace opportunity, and step into your power, and success will follow.


Want to leave behind doubt, ditch fear & create your best business ever?!

Get ready to: 

  • Define your fears and work through them so you can go BIGGER in your business

  • Dive deep and identify how you desire your business to run and who you want to work with (Here’s a secret: you can attract ANY client you want!)

  • Learn how to talk about your offerings effortlessly, confidently sell yourself, raise your prices, ask for the sale, and say NO to prospective clients who are more drag than delight

  • Set boundaries with clients who push them and also set limits with friends/family who can negatively influence your business vibe. Can’t you feel the weight lifting off your shoulders already?!

  • Learn how to live a fulfilled lifestyle, incorporating faith and wellness to balance you internally and externally

  • Get comfortable and confident outsourcing even more out to your team so that you can ONLY work within your zone of genius

  • And MOST importantly, keep your faith so high, you never have to worry about your future again


HERE'S WHAT YOU GET during this intensive:

  • A pre-session worksheet to help assess the current pattern/block, identify where it's stemming from, and help formulate a plan of action for tackling the issue during your session
  • One 75-minute deep dive call to tackle the issue, get you to a place of clarity, and develop a plan of action to implement new patterns of thinking for MASSIVE change in your life + business



*If you decide within 24 hours of our deep dive that you'd like to continue the work and enroll in my 6 month Mindset Mastery program, I will credit you the FULL amount toward your new package!


currently full until january 2018

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What to Expect:

Any major shift takes time, support, mentorship, and people who believe in us and can hold our hand as we walk through our transformation. This is what Mindset and Confidence coaching is all about.  I'll help you work through your limiting beliefs, ditch those stories about how things are “supposed” to happen or have always happened, and release what's getting in your way, so you can step into your brilliance, share your gifts with the world, and elevate your business.


Soon you’ll be:

  • Attracting your ideal clients left, right and center
  • Leaving your comfort zone and stepping into your “zone of genius”

  • Setting boundaries and LOVING your life and business again

  • Saying goodbye to the fear and scarcity mindset, and accepting abundance as your natural birthright

  • Speaking effortlessly about your services, easily enrolling IDEAL clients in your programs, and seeing the level of cash come in you so desire

  • Showing up confidently in all areas of your life and business

  • Stretching and growing your faith, and evolving into the person you’re meant to be

  • Making an even BIGGER impact now that you have the resources and space to do so (have you always desired to volunteer or contribute to a mission that’s been on your heart?)


No matter where you’re starting from, confidence, clarity and clients are in your future.


When you step out on faith and invest in yourself and your business, you’ll reap the rewards in all areas of your life.

  • Family

  • Friendships

  • Income

  • Impact

  • Mental health

  • Time

  • Physical Wellness (I bet you’re thinking...what’s that?!) 

When we fill our own cup, we have more to give to the world—and we get more too. It’s a win for everybody involved.  

Are you ready to make change happen?  I thought so.  This program will allow you to leave behind doubt, ditch those recurring fears, and create your best business ever.  


This is not “just” a business plan, confidence plan or faith plan -

this is a LIFE plan.


currently full until january 2018

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What Qualifies me to help YOU?

I have a Masters degree from Columbia University in Clinical Social Work. My second year of graduate school I was trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) under a professor who was personally trained by the founder of DBT Marsha Linehan. I took extra courses, workshops, and certifications in order to complete this specialized program. I've completed 7,000 client contact hours in using this modality. DBT is a skills based therapy that teaches interpersonal skills, boundaries, mindset practices, and much more. I also have a Post-Masters degree in Addictions.

This education and experience has enabled me to better understand what drives patterns and behaviors (specifically obsessive + compulsive thought patterns). This is the foundation of my work with you.

I have now owned two successful businesses myself and a third with my husband.  I am licensed in the State of NY to practice psychotherapy at the highest level as an LCSW*. I have also invested over six figures in learning, education, business programs, as well as 1:1 coaches and Masterminds.

I believe this is a BIG part of my business success and will continue to do so in order to provide you with the best services.


Transformations are easy to put off. But the longer you wait, the more pain you allow into your business and life. And you deserve better.

This is your moment.


I’m here to help you build a life and business you love, so you can rock your confidence, feel great, and serve others. The support you need is here.


I am adamant about teaching you to run a business that is 100% aligned to your mission while giving you the freedom to build and dream the life that you love. I personally live this out myself. In order for me to show up as the best that I can be for my clients, my friends, and my family I only work with long term clients through invitation. What this means is in order to have my coaching support long term, we must first complete a Mindset Reset Deep Dive Intensive together. Throughout this intensive we will get to know each other better and if I feel 100% confident that you are ready to make the changes you say you desire, am aligned with your mission, and truly believe that my work will transform your life and business, I will invite you to continue into this Mentorship relationship. In order to give my clients the quality of services I believe you should be receiving, I only work with a select number of clients at once.


I invite you to sign up for your Mindset Reset Deep Dive Intensive to get our work started and begin the path to creating massive success in your life and business.


currently full until january 2018

Enter your name + email below to get added to the wait list!