The Mindset Mastery Six Month Mastermind



Imagine fearlessly sharing your brilliance with the whole world?

Imagine in the next year stepping into that version of you that you envision yourself to be in 5 or 10 years?

It’s time to stop holding yourself back from the business and life of your dreams.

This is the moment where you make a choice.

Ask yourself…

Will I continue to allow myself to struggle to get dream clients, stress over my work and sweat every month when the bills are due?

Is hiding out really the best way to serve and share my gifts?

Are my habits of procrastination, self-sabotage and perfectionism really helping my business?

I've built two thriving businesses from the ground up, but back when I started, I had some of the same doubts you do:

  • Is it possible to sustain enough money in my business to quit my 9-5?
  • Will I be able to create something I’m proud of?

  • Does anyone care what I have to say or has it all been said before?

  • Can I confidently own my worth and value?

  • Where will I find those dream clients AND if I do find them, will I actually be able to help them? 

Any of this sound familiar?

Well the good doesn’t have to be this way! 

You CAN change your thinking, your habits and your behavior to set you up for success. Hold onto your seat because this might be shocking to hear ----> the clients, the impact AND the income you desire start from WITHIN.

What is Mindset work?


Mindset work is uncovering the ways we hold ourselves back so we can OVERCOME them. This could be self-sabotage, perfectionism, insecurity, fear, guilt or limiting beliefs, and they can keep us from succeeding in business.

If you’ve had business coaches or taken courses before and you’re still not booking your dream clients or making the sort of money you desire, your mindset is most likely the culprit. But don’t worry—the beautiful part is we can shape the way we think, so we can get more of what we want. Now that I’ve embraced new ways of thinking, implemented daily self-care habits, gotten visible and developed the faith to move through my fears, I realized it’s not just about getting a good business coach.

You HAVE to believe growth is possible, embrace opportunity, and step into your power, and then the success will FOLLOW.

Want to leave behind doubt, ditch fear + create your best business ever?

Get ready to:

  • Define your fears and work through them so you can go bigger in your business

  • Dive deep and identify how you desire your business to run and who you want to work with (Here’s a secret: you can attract any client you want!)

  • Learn how to talk about your offerings effortlessly, confidently sell yourself, raise your prices, ask for the sale, and say NO to prospective clients who are more drag than delight

  • Set boundaries with clients who push them and also set limits with friends/family who can negatively influence your business vibe. Can’t you feel the weight lifting off your shoulders already?!

  • Learn how to live a balanced lifestyle, incorporating faith and wellness to balance you internally and externally

  • Learn how to deal with those “friends” who come seeping through the woodwork, asking to pick your brain or meet for coffee. Come on, I know you experience this!

  • And MOST importantly, keep your faith so high, you never have to worry about your future again

What to Expect:

Any major shift takes time, support, mentorship, and people who believe in us and can hold our hand as we walk through our transformation. This is what Mindset and Confidence coaching is all about.  I'll help you work through your limiting beliefs, ditch those stories about how things are “supposed” to happen or have always happened, and release what's getting in your way, so you can step into your brilliance, share your gifts with the world, and elevate your business.




Soon you’ll be:

  • Attracting your ideal clients left, right and center

  • Leaving your comfort zone and stepping into your “zone of genius”

  • Setting boundaries and LOVING your life and business again

  • Saying goodbye to the fear and scarcity mindset, and accepting abundance as your natural birthright

  • Speaking effortlessly about your services, easily enrolling ideal clients into your programs, and seeing cash come in

  • Showing up confidently in all areas of your life and business

  • Stretching and growing your faith, and evolving into the person you’re meant to be


No matter where you’re starting from, confidence, clarity and clients are in your future.

When you step out on faith and invest in yourself and your business, you’ll reap the rewards in all areas of your life.

  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Income
  • Impact
  • Mental health
  • Time

When we fill our own cup, we have more to give to the world—and we get more too. It’s a win for everybody involved.

Are you ready to make change happen?  I thought so.  This program will allow you to leave behind doubt, ditch those recurring fears, and create your best business ever.  

Clients often tell me I can help them work through a block in 30 minutes.  Imagine what we can do in six months!  

This is not “just” a business plan, confidence plan or faith plan - this is a LIFE plan.


The goodies you’ll receive as a client:


  • A 75-minute Deep Dive intensive to kickoff our time together!

  • Twelve 75-minute coaching sessions

  • VIP email access + Voxer for support, cheerleading and progress between sessions. You basically have me in your back pocket for support throughout this journey!

Extra Special Personalized BONUSES in the form of trackers, workbooks, snail-mail gifts, and activities which include:

  • My Six-Week Visibility Course: “Let’s Go From Invisible ---> Impactful” ($297 value)

  • A customized “Success Tracker” to map your progress and keep you on track

  • A customized “Business Tracker” so you can watch your goals come to life

  • A customized “Visibility Tracker” to make extra sure you’re sharing your gifts with the world

  • The complete collection of The Confident Ladies Club monthly workbooks

  • My “Five Steps to Living a Life of Freedom” workbook to start you with the soul searching that’s going to lay the foundation for a beautiful, balanced life

  • EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS: be on the lookout for fun snail mail throughout our journey together!

PLUS ----> Six months in my Confident Ladies Mastermind. There is so much goodness happening in here I will just have to tell you about it in our call! ($6,000)


Transformations are easy to put off. But the longer you wait, the more pain you allow into your business and life. And you deserve better.

This is your moment.



I’m here to help you build a life and business you love, so you can rock your confidence, feel great, and serve others. The support you need is here. Let’s schedule a time to chat and I'll tell you how our work together will propel you forward in your business!


Investment: $8500

payment plans available


Q: Who is this program is NOT for?

  • Women who are not ready to quit living in a scarcity mindset. I will push you to ABUNDANCE.

  • Those who are not willing to invest in their business AND themselves.

  • Those who do not believe they can get results from this program.

  • Those who can not take honest feedback. I will lovingly tell you what you need to hear, which is sometimes not what you want to hear.

Q: What if I don't have the money?

How bad do you want to break through these blocks and start seeing MASSIVE results in your business? If you want clients to invest in your programs & products, YOU need to invest in yourself.  Many women say, "I will invest once I get my first client". Don't wait. Change your mindset TODAY so you can GET that first client!  Here is a worksheet to help you work through this before our call:  

Q: Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds. I believe that if you are going to invest in any type of professional service, you need to know/like/trust that provider before you hire them. You want to hear glowing reviews and really do your research on this person. I also believe when you go into something "knowing you have an out" you do not give 100%. Ladies, this is mindset coaching. I need to model and lead by example and personally, if I purchase or sign up for something I ONLY invest if I know I will put 100% in. This program WORKS if you work it. You will have a changed mindset if you follow the program and take my suggestions. If you are in, you are 100% in and it is my job to make sure you are 100% in.

Q: Do you have Professional Training?

Great question! I have a Masters degree from Columbia University in Clinical Social Work. My second year of graduate school I was trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) under a professor who was personally trained by the founder of DBT Marsha Linehan. I took extra classes, certifications, workshops, and specialized exams in order to complete this special program. I've completed 5,000 client contact hours in using this modality. DBT is a skills based therapy that teaches you interpersonal skills, boundaries, mindset practices, and much more. This is the foundation of my work with you. I have now owned two successful businesses as well. I learned how to run an online business through two business programs as well as investing in my own various coaches. I have invested a lot into my business/knowledge and will continue to do so in order to provide you with the best services.



Q: Is this program right for me?

This program is right for you if you:

  • Are looking to begin building your business and need some support developing a plan for action to get you mentally prepared for the challenges.

  • Have begun building your business and you are experiencing fears and mindset blocks that are leaving you feeling paralyzed and stuck.

  • Are looking to quit your 9-5 job to dive into your business.

  • Have a business, but the phone isn’t ringing and the clients aren't showing up.

  • Know you aren’t charging enough or are feeling fear around the “money talk” during your Discovery Calls.

  • Have a kick-butt business coach, but you aren't seeing results. You know you aren't putting her suggestions into action, BUT you just don't know why.

  • Are afraid of being visible. You know you need to start making videos, start posting in groups, and start showing up more for your potential clients, but you feel STUCK.

  • Are ready to up-level your program and need guidance in how to mentally prepare for this shift.

  • Aren’t attracting your ideal clients and are having difficulty saying NO to the ones you know aren’t a good fit for you.

  • Aren’t feeling supported by your friends, family, or significant other and you feel it is impacting your business negatively. You may feel at times that personal experiences negatively impact your biz and get you “out of your zone” and you aren’t quite sure how to get back in your biz groove.

  • Have a hard time setting boundaries with your clients, family, and friends in your life. You feel like you are always getting roped into things and unable to speak up and say NO.

  • Feel stretched thin in your business and just want to experience some inner peace and reconnect with your faith.