Makeover Your Confidence Bundle

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Makeover Your Confidence Bundle


In this Confidence Bundle you will get my top 3 workbooks for helping you get your mindset + confidence in tip top shape. You will learn steps on how to go from scarcity mindset, fears around taking time off from your business, and comparisonitis to feeling excited to unplug from work, believing abundance is on the way and accepting there is no such thing as competition. You also receive my bonus Mindset Reset Workbook as a thank you. 

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1. Staying in Your Own Lane: Ever catch yourself swerving out of your own lane because you’re checking out what everyone else is creating, launching or earning? Well my dear, it is time we get you back into your own lane so that YOU can be the star of YOUR business. If you are ready to get out of a mindset of “COMPARISONITIS” and into a Mindset of FOCUS, then this is the PERFECT guide for you! In This Workbook, You'll Learn:

  • The most common mistake women make that will derail them and destroy their business
  • Ways to stay ON course and grow a successful business through creating a mindset of focus
  • The top 5 strategies I teach my clients to ditch comparisonitis and stay in a focused mindset 
  • BONUS journaling prompts to help you stay on course and take action!

2. Faith Based Abundance: So many women have been asking for faith-based business "manifestation" tips. Well, I like to call them tips for getting into a Mindset of Abundance. Now if you are ready to get into a mindset of ABUNDANCE, then this is the PERFECT guide for you!  In this guide, you'll learn FIVE steps to an ABUNDANCE Mindset so that you can start:

  •  Feeling more confident that there are PLENTY of clients, $$ and resources to go around
  • Having the mindset of "once I believe it, I WILL see it"
  • Feeling more aligned with GIVING in your business
  • Having a complete peace of mind that God will supply "all my needs" in my life and business

3. Turbocharge Your Mindset: Ever feel like you work, work, work until the creativity no longer flows? Well my dear, in order to keep the creativity and clients flowing in, you MUST UNPLUG and recharge your mindset-batteries! If you are ready to recharge those mindset-batteries, then this is the PERFECT guide for you! In This Workbook, You'll Learn:

  • The most common mistake business owners make that drains their mindset-batteries!
  • Ways to stay SIMPLY avoid this.
  • How to start implementing, taking time to recharge, and in turn bring in more clients and cash!

4. Mindset Reset: Ever feel like you allow fear, insecurity, limiting beliefs, or past stories get in the way of LIMITLESS success in your business? You know deep down if you could blast through each of these blocks you'd finally get to that next level in your business? Well this guide is here to help you hit that reset-button on your muddy mindset and reprogram it for sweet success! If you are ready to finally get into a mindset for success, then this is the PERFECT guide for you! This Workbook includes:

  • Journaling prompts to help you uncover current behaviors, beliefs, and blocks getting in the way of your true potential
  • Exercises to help you begin to pave the way to a mindset for success
  • PLUS my Daily + Weekly Success Trackers, including a customizable one to meet your exact needs to help you begin tracking behaviors that will either make or break your success mindset!