Hi, Confident Lady,

Here’s what I know with all of my heart: the path to success starts with your mindset.

It’s not the number of programs we take. It isn’t the amount of money we invest back into our business, trying to learn one more thing or get better at something we’re already fantastic at.

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You just have trouble hearing it sometimes over the noise of the doubts and the fears and the questions:

Am I good enough?
Am I charging too much?
Am I charging too little?
Is this the right ideal client for me?
Is this really my purpose, or am I completely off base?
Do I have what it takes to go beyond the six figure mark?

Then on top of that we layer self-sabotaging actions like:

I’ll get to it tomorrow.
I’m not ready to speak at that event. Maybe next year.
Let’s cancel today’s call.
I can’t hit “publish” until this post is perfect.

And thoughts like that are keeping you from creating the level of success you so badly desire in your business--whether that's the multiple six figure mark or filling your client roster or publishing that best selling book, you get the point. Right now, your mindset is working against you.

But with the right support and shifts, it can actually work for you. You can begin bringing in more clients, increasing your income, working less and feeling better.


Mindset = miracles.

Mindset = BIGGER impact.

Mindset = earning more money.

Mindset = showing up in a bigger way.

How do I know?

Because I’ve witnessed it in my clients and in myself.

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Today, I have two thriving businesses, but it’s a far cry from where I began.

The first month month of opening my therapy practice, I only secured three clients. I was spending all of my money to grow and learn and expand, but I wasn’t making any. Rent cost much more than I was bringing in. With the fee I was charging my first clients, I was actually paying to see them!!! People would ask how my practice was going and I would cringe, not wanting to tell them I had NO clients

On discovery calls:

  • I was timid.

  • I would take anyone.

  • I would panic at the thought of having to tell them my fee.

  • When I would tell them insecurely (we all know people can sense this) they would tell me it was much too high and they could only pay X amount.

  • I would then give in because I was desperate to pay my bills.

Unsurprisingly, this wasn’t equaling clients!! I knew something had to change, or it was back to the corporate life for me.

Once I started digging deep and believing what was really there, that’s when my practice began to take off.

Once I was able to grow my confidence, I would increase my fee little by little to what I knew I was worth. When I would talk fees with prospective clients I would do it with ease.

My confidence began improving even more that I was able to discover who my “ideal client” was.

I would then only take individuals I felt I would work best with and this is when I began sending potential clients away. I would send them to colleagues who I knew dreamed of having them as their client.

Once I realized that having confidence and faith could change everything, I continued to grow until I was able to quit my full-time agency job and have a wait list. I fully booked my practice and said goodbye to my employer within three months of making over my mindset.

I knew I couldn’t keep this “secret” to myself, so I made it my mission to help ladies create this mindset for success in themselves. I’ve supported my clients in quitting their 9-5s, launching programs and courses, raising their prices to a place that makes them feel empowered and appreciated, helped them set the boundaries that free up time and mental space, work through money blocks, and book clients that are *gasp* fun to work with.

As a coach, when I’m not embracing my husband, cuddly rescue Turbo or my beautiful baby Annabelle, I embrace practicing what I preach. I spend time daily committing to abundance, joy, faith, healthy boundaries, protecting my vibration and growth.



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  • Masters in Social Work from Columbia University

  • Post-Masters in Addictions from Adelphi University

  • I owned a fully-booked private therapy practice

  • Check out more testimonials from the amazing women I’ve had the privilege of coaching HERE


Are you ready to stop making excuses and start seeing MASSIVE results in your business?!