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Hi Confident Lady,

So glad you made it here and even more excited to read what you are about to commit to below!

I know it can feel scary thinking about creating change in your life and business, but you know what is even scarier? Going through life  wondering what life could have been like if you had just gone for that big dream.  I know you have a big mission to fulfill in this world and I am waiting and ready to give you all the support you need to make these big things happen as long as you are willing to accept the help. 

Let's take that first step today by having you fill out this application for me to review. From then on I will be here to support and guide you in figuring out which is the next best step for you and your business. 

Here is how this will work:

1. Once I receive your application, I will reach out within 48 hours to schedule your Breakthrough Session.

2. We will connect via phone to discuss your questionnaire, your goals, your big sparkly goal of where you want to see yourself in 6-months (if all the fears were to be removed) and then discuss how I can support you in getting your confidence + mindset in check to go to make these big dreams happen through my 1:1 coaching programs.

3. Then if we both feel we are good fit to work together and it's a "hell yes" for you, we will get the enrollment process started, schedule your first deep dive session and get the party started! 

XO Kate

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