Program Consulting + Partnerships

You know I loveeeeee me some collaboration in my business, and my focus in my work has always been on relationship building and making the biggest IMPACT.

Mindset and Confidence Coaching can be an amazing complement to other programs and services. That's why I offer opportunities for Mindset Mentoring, Consulting, and Partnerships. I've worked with several business coaches, sales coaches, Health coaches, Photographers, Real Estate Agents, and more to create guest expert trainings and offers for their 1:1 clients, group programs, and teams.

Offering this service is a win win for both sides. I get to connect and impact even more women, and you as a business owner will see better results with your clients or team because they've been supported around some of the things keeping them stuck in your work together.

Here are some examples of what I offer:

  • Private 1:1 Sessions: You can offer 30-90 minute sessions for clients to use when they're feeling stuck (This is a great option to offer your 1:1 clients or as a bonus for the first 5 people who join a group program.)

  • Group Coaching Sessions: I can serve as a guest expert in your group program one time or on a continual basis to help answer your clients' mindset and confidence related questions. For example, you run a business Mastermind and your clients aren't getting as big of results as they could because it's their mindset holding them back, not their lack of strategy. I'd loveeee to help compliment your work by coaching them 1:1 or on your Mastermind calls.

  • Group Training or Masterclass: I'll provide a 45 minute training or masterclass on a topic related to mindset or confidence.

    Prices vary depending on your needs, ranging from $350-$10,000. If you're interested, please fill out the form below! 


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