Tired of turning your wheels and not getting any traction in your business? It feels like you've done EVERYTHING. You show up online a few times a week to interact, but no one comments or engages.

You wonder if you're really cut out for this work.

You Feel Invisible.

You know you have so much to share, but are fearful that others may judge or even laugh at what you have to say. Maybe you've "gotten visible" for a month, but still feel like your wheels are turning. 

You feel like no one is taking you seriously as an expert and you just can't understand why. You feel defeated. You are ready to throw in the towel. You're in the mindset of "this is never going to work".


You've just got to get out of that "this isn't going to work mindset" and into "I'm ready to KEEP showing up until this works" kinda mindset.

And Invisible to Impactful will show you how 



Well guess what? It is!

Too many talented lady bosses feel defeated because they've hired coaches and mentors, taken every program under the sun and still not seeing results. Wanna know why? Their mindset isn't in check and their confidence isn't anywhere near soaring.

Seems Like Such A Simple Fix Right? Well It Actually Is.

Once you learn new skills, new ways of thinking, break through barriers that have kept you stuck for years, you too can begin to see success in your business.

Start attracting the RIGHT clients.

Start feeling more in control of your business.

Start doing the work you were meant to do that LIGHTS YOU UP.

The only thing really holding you back from getting there? Not believing you're good enough to be seen.


You want a successful and sustainable business? You need to build a following. You need to consistently show up. You need to provide MAJOR value consistently for your tribe.

You can't show up when you just feel like it. You have be relentless in showing up and sharing your message. You've also got to be unapologetically YOU.

That’s Exactly What Invisible To Impactful Will Help You Do.


i’m Kate.

A trained Psychotherapist turned Confidence & Mindset Coach to help lady bosses like YOU get out of stinkin-thinkin, insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, or ANYTHING getting in YOUR way of having MASSIVE success in your business.

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I've had not one, but TWO successful businesses. My first, a local Psychotherapy Private Practice which I completely booked up within the first six months. And second, an online Confidence & Mindset Coaching business which I ALSO BOOKED UP within the first six months.

And how? Through getting VISIBLE. Both offline AND online. 

In Invisible to Impactful, I am going to teach you how to break through what's been holding you back and give you the tools to start showing up as a leader, CONFIDENTLY and unapologetically, and begin making an IMPACT on your tribe.

“Before entering Kate’s Invisible —> Impactful program, I was feeling really “off” with my business. I wasn’t engaged in what I was doing and people were noticing, so I wasn’t getting new clients. Throughout the course, her modules and coaching calls, as well as the amazing women in the private group, forced me (in a good way) to re-examine the situation. About halfway through the program, I made a pretty dramatic pivot in my services and received phenomenal advice and support. Now, I am much happier with my business, gaining momentum and working with clients in a new capacity. I would highly recommend this program. The bonus content module alone is worth the cost!”

what’s inside

Module One


I will teach you the importance of it and how to show up as a leader and expert in your industry. 

Module Four


I will teach you how to form genuine relationships in your industry.

Module Two


I will teach you how to break through what's been holding you back from getting visible. 

Module Five


I will teach you how to grow your business through GIVING.

Module Three


I will teach you how to show up authentically and as 100% unapologetically you. 

Module Six


I will teach you how to keep showing up for yourself and your business.

BONUS #1: 6-weeks of group coaching hot seats ($875 VALUE)

We will meet via Zoom weekly for SIX weeks for 1:1 coaching in a group setting. Each week you will come with a question you are needing support around in your business and I will coach you through it! This is one of the most valuable pieces of this program, having ALL EYES on your business! If you can’t make the call, no worries, you can submit your Q ahead of time and you will receive your A via a recording. The more ladies who can make it onto the calls, the more q’d, the more a’s, and the more value you will be getting from this program!


In this BONUS Module I will teach you EXACTLY how to Effortlessly Create a Content Library. And best of all? I will teach you how to create ALL your content in less than 1-hr per week! I will walk you through how I craft ALL my content including daily posts for my facebook group + business page + Instagram, blog, + newsletters, and more! You will receive a Training Video + Workbook, along with two trackers to help you keep on top of where you post your content!


Get the full collection of all the workbooks, masterclasses, challenges, and more that I’ve ever put together in one easy to access portal for you to use as your go-to business building library for almost any issue you face as you grow your business. There are over 30 trainings in here and you get instant access to ALL of them!

BONUS #4: private facebook community with monthly q&a ($197 value)

You shouldn’t have to go through business alone. Instead, you’ll be getting access to our private Facebook community full of other confident ladies to have a safe space to practice becoming visible, to get feedback and encouragement, and to have access to monthly Q&A sessions with me to make sure your questions are answered!

“Before I participated in the Invisible to Impactful program, I had no clue how to show up consistently in groups other than to comment on other people’s posts. Now I confidently show up on a daily basis during the week. I feel like it’s almost as routine as brushing my teeth in the morning. The engagement is fun instead of overwhelming. I now have a plan and implement it with ease.”