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Kate Crocco is a Confidence and Mindset Coach, writer, speaker, founder of The Confident Ladies Club™ Community and host of the Thinking Like a Boss Podcast. She has been featured on numerous outlets where she shares her journey of becoming a licensed psychotherapist, owning a private practice and then creating a second business coaching lady bosses. Kate’s mission is to empower women to go after their dreams by helping them break down the walls and fears that have been holding them back from greatness for too long. She lovingly challenges them to step into the best version of themselves. Kate has worked with thousands of women while building a six-figure business alongside motherhood. She currently resides in NY with her darling husband, two sweet baby girls under two, and rescue pup Turbo.

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THINKING LIKE A BOSS: is the podcast for lady bosses who are ready to turn their limiting beliefs into limitless opportunity. We will be hearing from women who have turned their fear to faith, wounds to wisdom, their pain to platform. Each week you will walk away feeling lighter and ready to take on the challenges before you.


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CONTENT CREATION BUNDLE: training video + workbook to show you how to create all your content in less than 1 hour per week

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DECISION MAKING BUNDLE: 3 workbooks to inspire you to take action and take the stress out of decision making

LET'S GO FROM INVISIBLE --> IMPACTFUL: 6 week course on visibility to help you stand out as a leader in your industry

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