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I'm Kate and I'm so glad you made it here!! Check out all my exciting goodies below. First, here is a little more about me:

I am a Psychotherapist turned Confidence and Mindset Coach for ambitious female entrepreneurs. I help women create massive success in their businesses by helping them identify patterns that have held them back from greatness by lovingly challenging, supporting and guiding. I guide them in creating an unshakable mindset + confidence to enable them to do the miracle work they were meant to do and make an even bigger impact in the world.  I am able to utilize my clinical expertise as a trained psychotherapist, along with my experience of owning both a local and online business to help maximize my client results.

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You know I am all about giving--operating with a mindset of abundance! In fact, having giving as part of my business model is how I've successfully built my business . And now to start giving in a new + fun way, I've decided that EACH MONTH I will be giving away 3 FREE coaching sessions to those on my email list! You in? Yes, I thought so!

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