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Make Up Your Mind + Manifest is a 6-week course

that will help you get what you really want by providing you with tools to own what you desire in your life + business and then confidently GO and make the decision. No more sitting on the fence waiting for clarity to arrive, we are going to take calculated and inspired steps together to work toward making your goals a reality.

Have you ever looked back and said to yourself “if only I had started………”

✖️that podcast

✖️that book manuscript

✖️that masters program

✖️prioritizing myself

✖️that course creation or product development

✖️saying no to ___________________

✖️___________________ {fill in the blank with your own!}

I have raised my hand to pretty much all of the above. AND rather than allowing the guilt to takeover, I decided to state the fear, move beyond it, and take the action necessary to manifest what it is that I really desired in my life and business.

Here’s where you might be today:

Can you identify with any of the women below (don’t worry, these aren’t real clients!)


Voice #1: I’m going to launch the podcast— “ready” is simply an illusion!

Voice #2: Never mind. I’m not ready.


Voice #1: Life and business are great AND I’d love to be speaking globally. 

Voice #2: Stay comfortable- don’t move forward, it will only complicate things. 


Voice #1: I might as well pitch myself to that publication, the worst thing they can say is no. 

Voice #2: I’ll feel stupid and blow my chance if I ask. I should just wait until I’m ready.

SOund familiar? Sitting in paralysis can become a vicious habit if we aren’t careful. 

One foot in, one foot out. The game that so many of us play on a daily basis. We crave getting to that next level in our business, yet the closer we get, the more we talk ourselves out of it. Not only do we have these mental conversations with ourselves, but often, we bring in friends, family, colleagues, the kid bagging our groceries, and the list goes on, searching for ANSWERS and validation— leaving you even more confused than when you started.

READY TO get what you’ve been waiting for?

Ladies, I’m keeping it real with you—true manifestation is anything BUT sexy. Sitting in indecision and writing in your journal 100x’s “I will manifest _______” is not the way to get what you want. If you’ve been there and tried the whole write in your journal or think harder thing, I am here to tell you that YOU have the power to get what it is that you want. Wishful thinking manifesting leaves us feeling powerless, like we have absolutely no control over our life or business outcomes. And I want you to know that you absolutely have the power to work toward getting what it is that you want.

After working with hundreds of women, I’ve identified the key steps in getting what it is that you want in an easy breezy lemon squeezy three part formula. Now say that ten times!

I hate to break it to you, but you will never be fearless.

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but again, this should be refreshing because despite the fear, YOU hold the steering wheel of your life. And what is possible, is learning to work through the fear so that in time, it doesn’t feel AS scary or out of reach. It’s not about taking the fear away, it’s about getting to your goal despite the fear—not allowing it to hold you hostage. You don’t have to wait for the fear to be gone before beginning your dream.

I want to teach you the SIX steps to successfully grabbing hold of your dreams. These are what brought me from terrified of leaving my nine to five, to writing a book, starting a podcast, mothering babies, setting boundaries with clients and people in my life, leading group programs (the list goes on I’ve been a scaredy-cat!), to identifying what’s held me back and moving forward with clarity, grace, and confidence to achieve my highest goals.

So Kate you mean you no longer have any fears? Hells no! I still do from time to time, AND I’m still able to achieve my goals. I’ve learned exercises to help me confidently move forward despite the fear and I want to teach you to do the same thing!


i’m Kate.

A trained Psychotherapist turned Confidence & Mindset Coach to help lady bosses like YOU get out of stinkin-thinkin, insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, or ANYTHING getting in YOUR way of having MASSIVE success in your business.

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I've had not one, but TWO successful businesses. My first, a local Psychotherapy Private Practice which I completely booked up within the first six months. And second, an online Confidence & Mindset Coaching business which I ALSO BOOKED UP within the first six months.

And how? Through claiming what it was that I wanted and using the steps in this course to put it into action.

In Make Up Your Mind + Manifest, I am going to teach you how to break through what's been holding you back, find the clarity to pinpoint EXACTLY what it is that you want, and provide you with the tools to do the work to manifest your dream.

Manifesting isn’t sexy. But what is sexy is doing the work and seeing your dreams unfold before you.

what’s inside

Each week, for six weeks, you will receive:

  1. A video training on the weekly module

  2. A worksheet to help you process put the module into ACTION

  3. A challenge to lovingly nudge you to go and implement

  4. At the end of the six weeks if you send your completed work to, you will receive a special bonus for taking your dreams off of the back-burner and finally giving yourself PERMISSION to go and make them happen!

Here are FIVE questions to provide value + insight into your situation today:

  1. How have you held yourself back in your life and business?

  2. What lies have you told yourself that have prevented you from moving forward?

  3. What if you could for once, run toward the goal {even afraid} rather than from it, where would you be? 

  4. How would it feel to finally get what it is you deeply desire?

  5. How would your life be different if you just decided to go for all the big ideas that came to you?

  6. And how could your life be different in SIX WEEKS if you finally said YES to yourself and bought the darn course!? ( I know you want to and are probably talking yourself out of buying this course, BUT what if for once you just said YES to YOU? Where could your life + business be? With love and respect, quit waiting and click that pink bar below!)