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This is the first step in getting closer to your goals. I am currently accepting clients for individual psychotherapy and coaching in NYC (midtown Manhattan), Beacon, and virtually, from the comfort of your home. I received my Masters in Social Work from Columbia University and am Licensed to practice in New York State. Please take a moment to read about my specialities below.

I am trained in the following skills and specializations: 

I love working with ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals helping them navigate the stresses of career and what often surfaces as anxiety and/or depression. There is a ton of pressure on you and when this stress is not handled properly, it can feel almost impossible when it comes to decision making. You may feel anxious, sad, and even paralyzed at times AND I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals on the very same blocks or lies you may find yourself reciting today. Through support, we will uncover what’s causing the issue (or lie you’ve believing about yourself) and use practical tools to combat them to ensure you can show up as the best version of yourself and begin enjoying your work again.

I love working with new mamas who are transitioning into this new life role. I equate motherhood to mirroring entrepreneurship at times, as similar fears arise and can make life feel debilitating. Motherhood is a huge transition and it can feel incredibly lonely. Having a therapist will not only be a brief respite away, but also a time for you to fill your cup so that you have more to pour from!

I am also trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). In this modality, we will work on fixing faulty beliefs by cognitively restructuring your thought patterns. We will work to challenge these beliefs by exploring skills in the areas such as emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindfulness/spirituality practices. My advanced education and various clinical experiences have provided me with the skills and insight to effectively treat these issues in a warm, non-judgemental environment. My work is interactive and conversational. I will lovingly ask questions to challenge you to think bigger.

I am currently accepting new clients, and invite you to click the pink button and complete the contact form below to schedule your initial appointment. 

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Kate Crocco, MSW, LCSW, is a private practice therapist turned confidence and mindset coach who mentors entrepreneurs/leaders around the globe.

She has coached thousands of women through one-on-one, group, and mastermind programs, as well as her Confident Ladies Club™ community. She is the host of a weekly podcast, Thinking Like a Boss, where she regularly interviews female entrepreneurs from every field who have found success in business and life. A guest expert on numerous podcasts and telesummits, Kate has been quoted in publications such as the Huffington Post, Best Kept Self, SheKnows, BlogHer, and Raspberry magazine. Kate’s first book, Thinking Like a Boss (Baker Books), will be releasing February 2020.

Kate’s mission is to empower women to go after their dreams by helping them break down the walls and fears that have been holding them back from greatness through lovingly challenging them to step into the best version of themselves. Kate currently resides in New York, with her husband, two sweet girls, and her rescue pup Turbo.


Do I really need therapy?

We all have experienced difficult times throughout our lives. It is great to receive support from friends and family, but it can be even more beneficial having support from an outsider looking in. At times we go through life overlooking habits & behaviors that may be blocking us from our true potential. By having someone examine these road blocks with you, they can help open your eyes to areas you may have been blinded to. Your therapist has gone through years of training on how to work with specific issues using calculated steps such as an evidenced based treatment approaches like DBT. 

Do you take insurance? What are your fees?

My fee for our first Initial session (60-minutes) is $250. Sessions thereafter (45-minutes), are $180. I do not accept insurance. However, you may contact your insurance company and inquire about your out-of-network coverage. Once you have hit your deductible, you are eligible to receive a certain percentage of reimbursement. This generally covers between 60-80% of your fee after you have met your deductible. Upon payment of your session, I can provide you with a "super bill" to submit to your insurance company to utilize these out-of-network benefits. I typically keep one sliding scale space open per month for those suffering financial hardship.

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My office is located two blocks away from Grand Central, midtown Manhattan. I am also available in Beacon, NY and via virtual appointments (from your couch or office!).