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Do you take insurance? What are your fees?

My fee for our first Initial session (60-minutes) is $250. Sessions thereafter (45-minutes), are $200. I do not accept insurance. However, you may contact your insurance company and inquire about your out-of-network coverage. Once you have hit your deductible, you are eligible to receive a certain percentage of reimbursement. This generally covers between 60-80% of your fee after you have met your deductible. Upon payment of your session, I can provide you with a "super bill" to submit to your insurance company to utilize these out-of-network benefits. I typically keep one sliding scale space open per month for those suffering financial hardship.

Do I really need therapy?

We all have experienced difficult times throughout our lives. It is great to receive support from friends and family, but it can be even more beneficial having support from an outsider looking in. At times we go through life overlooking habits & behaviors that may be blocking us from our true potential. By having someone examine these road blocks with you, they can help open your eyes to areas you may have been blinded to. Your therapist has gone through years of training on how to work with specific issues using calculated steps such as an evidenced based treatment approaches like DBT.