mamas I know you want something more.

You are tired. You feel stretched too thin. You have hopes, dreams, and desires to fulfill in this world, yet you feel conflicted. You want to spend more time with your babies AND you want to have more time to build and nurture those dreams.

You wonder if mamahood and business could really go hand in hand.


You might be:

…a lady boss who has the desired business, yet you know something has got to give. You can’t keep living life working all of these hours missing your kiddos. You have fears of stepping away from the business. You feel that without YOU, your business will not succeed. And in order for you to create money in the business, you need to be present ALL.THE.TIME.

…the nine to fiver. You so badly want to find a way to get out. You crave a more flexible schedule so you can spend more time with your family. Maybe you even started a side hustle, but you’re not sure if and when it is going to take off. It feels impossible for this side hustle to replace your current income. Or you have no idea how to even start the side hustle and what you might even be good at. You know it’s not impossible, but you also know your kiddos aren’t getting any younger and you want to be there with them TODAY.

…a stay at home mama. You’re with the kids day in and day out. You’re a part of the play groups, but you crave something more. You want to learn. You want to feel challenged by something other than a screaming toddler having a meltdown in the cereal isle again. You crave community. You feel isolated at times and wish you had other ambitious mamas you could dream with.


I’ve been in many of your shoes. My story was a little different, but we all have a similar premise…we want more time with our kids WHILE fulfilling our dreams.

We want to feel purpose from our kids AND from something else.

Well, here is what I found through my own story…

I had the six figure coaching business and after having my first baby I found a way to SIMPLIFY, cutting my hours from 80 hr weeks to 20 hr weeks (without sacrificing the income). YAY! I had it all under control…And then I got the publishing deal I had been praying for and baby number two (which now makes two under two). I began to feel the stretch again. I could barely keep up writing my manuscript with two babies and wondered how I could go back to even just the twenty hour weeks.

I also began to crave even more time with my girls as I was seeing how quickly they were growing before my eyes. Insert my gal pal Jasmin. A mama of three babies under three who had traded in her six figure coaching business for a vegan shampoo partnership (yes! I said shampoo) that replaced her coaching income.

Jasmin’s invitation couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. My intention for the new year and as a new family of five (Turbo is included!) was to begin a process of living a non toxic life. So I ordered non toxic cleaning supplies. Found new skincare products. Swapped out my makeup. And lastly, hopped on the vegan shampoo train and NEVER LOOKED BACK.

Not only did these vegan haircare products solve a need for my family and give me incredible #sevendayhair, but they also provided me with a new stream of residual income by partnering with the business.

Now this is where I come in…

This partnership was everything that I was looking for, providing my family with non toxic haircare AND providing me with another leg of my brand + business that’s helping other mamas out there make money from their phones! The women on this team are just like you and me. Either seasoned business owners who are SMART about adding in additional streams of income, nine to fivers looking to find away out of the grind, or stay at home mamas who are interested in growing and learning how to create income while doing the most honorable job out there. Because we all know mamas, we don’t get paid for the many hats we wear running the household.

I want to invite you to join us mama.

Now I know all the objections. Trust me, because I named every one of them to Jasmin when she offered me this opportunity.

…I won’t have enough time.

…I don’t want to confuse people because I already have multiple businesses

…I know want to appear salesy, I’ve done network marketing before and they made me message as many people as possible on my social feeds.

…People will think I wasn’t successful in my current business and this is why I’m doing this now.

…I’m not a beauty guru or know all the newest beauty trends.

Ladies, I’m tellin you, I named every single one of these and probably more and then I realized….these excuses were just that, EXCUSES. Excuses because I was afraid of FAILING + SUCCEEDING. What if I try this thing and I suck at it AND what if I try this thing and it actually does succeed?

So I get it. And guess what? I decided to still go for it. I began telling myself:

…What’s the worst thing that could happen if I invested a few hundred dollars into a business that comes with TONS of training, support, and incredible products? I will just be left with attending tons of free training, receiving free mentoring from top notch coaches, and have a drawer full of incredible products I use anyway. Umm, not so bad.

…If I do this right, there will be no confusion at all! I ALREADY have multiple legs of my brand that people know about. And the experts have ALWAYS said, the average millionaires have a minimum of SEVEN streams of income. Ummmm, I gotta keep building more!

…I’ve said it to the network marketers I’ve coached myself….direct selling doesn’t have to be salesey! The more you stay away from the pushiness and in your face marketing, the more sales you will actually make. EXACT words from my mouth to successful network marketers that I've coached who have six-figure direct sales businesses.

…Who cares if people judge me for selling shampoo? Don’t we all need it? No one has a right to judge you, unless they’ve been more successful than you in business. Do not EVER take advice from someone who hasn’t walked a mile in your shoes.

…And who needs to be a beauty guru to recommend products? I ask my friends ALL THE TIME what products they’re using and they aren’t beauty experts. In fact, none of my products or beauty tools have been recommended by professionals. Just other ladies like me who have had positive results using them. You wouldn’t ONLY take a restaurant recommendation from a chef right? You’d trust your friend or family member. Same goes with this.

This is how I want to help you!

Being a work at home mama I get the demands of life, business, babies, etc. AND what’s helped keep me from quitting when times felt hard was ACCOUNTABILITY + mentorship. I have invested quite a bit of money over the last four years of owning businesses in education, accountability, systems, support, and mentorship. And hands down without the mentorship, I would have NO business— I would have quit years ago.

This is where I come in to help!

For the mamas who join this partnership through my unique link, I will GIFT you just this—mentorship, training, business tactics, community, and accountability. My zone of genius is mindset + confidence + visibility. So by joining this incredible partnership through me, you will get access to thousands in bonuses for FREE! I know that moms are a different breed and can pretty much do ANYTHING they put their mind to. So if you are a go-getter mama who is ready to do the work, I want to invite you to partake in these bonuses for free! One of the BIGGEST hurdles I help my private coaching clients get through is the fear around getting visible and how that will change things for them. Here is what I want to say about that……


You want a successful and sustainable business? You need to be visible period. YES, it’s scary. YES, people may judge you. YES, you may want to throw up writing a post or speaking to a potential customer. But if you could have birthed a baby or mothered a child, you CAN do this. This I promise, is a piece of cake compared!


i’m Kate.

A trained Psychotherapist turned Confidence & Mindset Coach to help lady bosses like YOU get out of stinkin-thinkin, insecurities, fears, limiting beliefs, or ANYTHING getting in YOUR way of having MASSIVE success in your business.

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SO what’s included?

  • private facebook community with monthly q&a + Mentorship ($197 per month value)

    You shouldn’t have to go through business alone. Instead, you’ll be getting access to our private Facebook community full of other confident ladies to have a safe space to practice becoming visible, to get feedback and encouragement, and to have access to monthly Q&A sessions with me to make sure your questions are answered!

Module One


I will teach you the importance of it and how to show up as a leader and expert in your industry. 

Module Four


I will teach you how to form genuine relationships in your industry.

Module Two


I will teach you how to break through what's been holding you back from getting visible. 

Module Five


I will teach you how to grow your business through GIVING.

Module Three


will teach you how to show up authentically and as 100% unapologetically you. 

Module Six


I will teach you how to keep showing up for yourself and your business.


    In this BONUS Module I will teach you EXACTLY how to Effortlessly Create a Content Library. And best of all? I will teach you how to create ALL your content in less than 1-hr per week! I will walk you through how I craft ALL my content including daily posts for my facebook group + business page + Instagram, blog, + newsletters, and more! You will receive a Training Video + Workbook, along with two trackers to help you keep on top of where you post your content! This is especially for those ladies with existing businesses or those who are interested in getting into blogging.

  • access to additional community + trainings by my mentors (priceless)

    This is the gloss spray on top! Not only do you get support + trainings from me, but also my uplines + mentors within this partnership. You will receive company wide monthly coaching, trainings, worksheets, and support from women just like YOU who said yes to themselves!

This is EVERYTHING you need to get started with this business, so what are you waiting for?! Click the link below to get started and I will be in touch with your special link to join and on-boarding material!!