Episode #45: Ashley Abercrombie

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Ashley Abercrombie fought to overcome addiction, rape, abortion, perfectionism and dysfunctional relationships to become an honest, whole and free woman (most days). She wore a mask more than half her life, and considers herself too old, and too annoyed to ever put that thing on again. She has been in urban, multicultural, racially diverse ministry for more than 15 years, leading people and teaching Bible studies, classes, small groups, and Sunday services. She has an unrelenting passion for justice, particularly anti-human trafficking and mass incarceration initiatives. Ashley is an Executive Board Member of Treasures, her favorite non-profit, that reaches and supports women in the sex industry and victims of sexual exploitation, while training leaders globally. She is an advocate, speaker and writer, featured in many magazines and digital outlets. Ashley is the host of the Why Tho Podcast, alongside her dear friend, Tiffany Bluhm. Her first book, Rise of the Truth Teller, will be released with Baker Books, on October 1, 2019. Ashley, and her husband Cody, pastor Liberty Church, Downtown Manhattan, and are almost brain dead from sleep deprivation because of raising their two incredible sons, Levi and Lucas, in their beautiful neighborhood, in New York City. 

In today’s episode, Ashley shares the TOP limiting belief she’s faced in her business “I am not worthy to build a life and career that I love”. We discuss how she left the corporate world to build something that is hers. Join us in this conversation because you are not alone and it is okay to feel like “this” and seek help!

In this Episode:

  • Walking away from the things she was building in her corporate job

  • Real freedom from past struggles

  • Taking small steps to get where you want to be

Words of Wisdom:

-- “I need to take a look at my real life and decide what it is that I really want to do” 

-- “Real freedom is possible”

-- “It won't be perfect It’s a process”

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