Episode #27: Christine Gutierrez


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Christine Gutierrez, LMHC is a Latina psychotherapist, love addiction expert, life coach and expert in trauma, abuse, & self-esteem, currently residing in Brooklyn. Christine has her bachelors from Fordham University in human behavior and development, and a masters from City College of New York in mental health counseling with a focus on community and prevention. Christine offer’s 1-1 therapy and coaching. In addition, she offers group coaching, transformational retreats, and psychologically savvy media content on her website. She also is a featured guide on Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl's, new website platform for healing. She has been featured in media outlets like TimeOut NY, Latina Magazine as “The Future 15: The Healer,” Yahoo Health, Ebony, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Huffington Post, and others for her work on Emotional Empowerment™. In addition, Christine is also the founder of the non profit Therapy is Cool, founded in Puerto Rico, where the mission is to empower marginalized youth and communities. Christine’s mission is to empower as many people as possible to heal their pain and own their worth. Christine is currently in private practice in New York and offers sessions internationally via phone/skype.

In today’s episode, Christine shares the TOP limiting belief she’s faced in her business- I can't be soulful and make money. We discuss how to get comfortable with charging for your services and products, while learning to avoid the feeling of guilt when you increase your prices. Join us in this conversation because you are not alone and it is okay to feel like “this” and seek help!

In this Episode:

  • Becoming intentional of what money is for... helping heal others

  • Always think about your business in a practical way to avoid feeling guilty

  • Get honest with yourself about where you want to be

  • Listen to your soul, it is always guiding you

Words of Wisdom:

-- “If you want to help, you need money. And it’s not your money, it’s God’s money anyway”

-- “Where you are is where you were placed”

-- “Honor where you are, look at where you are, and look at what you’ve learned. If you want to be somewhere else, choose it!”

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