Episode #33: Topsie VandenBosch


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Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW, is a Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs. She empowers rising female bosses in discovering freedom from negative thoughts and beliefs that prevent them from performing at their highest level at work and in their personal lives. In her second business, she has been a mental health therapist for the past 7 years, and owns a private practice on the westside of Michigan. In her role as a mental health therapist, she specializes in providing therapy to career focused women who are struggling with inner confidence and their overall emotional wellness.

In today’s episode, Topsie shares the TOP limiting belief she’s faced in her business “I will be judged if I’m visible!” We discuss how she chose to let go of her of fear and put herself out there to help others. Join us in this conversation because you are not alone and it is okay to feel like “this” and seek help!

In this Episode:

  • It’s okay to struggle no matter what place you are in

  • Ask yourself “Would I actually say this face to face?” if the answer is no then don’t say it at all

  • The fear of judgement leads you believe “lies” you tell yourself

Words of Wisdom:

-- “If you’re not in the ring doing the work, no one will want to hear from you”

-- “Those who have done the least have the most to say”

-- “If you have “haters” it just means that you have made it”

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