Having a Mindset of Consistency

Having a Mindset of Consistency


This week we are talking Mindset and our topic is "Consistency…...COMMIT or QUIT".  So many entrepreneurs find themselves in this lukewarm place which I like to call “the danger zone”. One foot in, one foot out. Post a few days here, lurk a few days there. Today I want to ask you a few questions that may not be easy:

// Let’s get real, how consistent am I really?

// If I was 100% ALL-in-commit, what would that look like for my business?

// Why am I not doing this right now? What’s stopping me?

Here are a few tips that have worked for my clients.

  1. Take a day and evaluate how much CONSISTENT effort you have put into your business. Really get honest with yourself. Then journal on this.

  1. Now that you’ve got it all on paper evaluate whether you are ready to go ALL in and do the work you know is necessary to be a CEO of your business. If you arent ready to go all in I suggest you take a break from your business. Figure out what isnt aligned. Business activities should LIGHT YOU UP and excite you. If you are aligned with your mission, consistency won’t be as hard!

  1. Cut three things out of your life right now that no longer serve you and are depleting you! Then create a plan of action with daily steps you will need to take to stay consistent.

  1. Be KIND TO YOURSELF. There will be days that this feels HARD. You may wake up and NOT want to do anything and it’s OKAY! You need a break here and there. Days that you feel this way, honor yourself and take time off. Even if it feels like there’s NO TIME to take off, DO IT STILL. The work can wait, your sanity won’t. Remember, YOU are your business. If you are NOT in the right mindset to consistently show up, you have NO business. Yes, I am lovingly telling you this Confident Lady. Take care of yourself!!!

What steps will you take today to get yourself in a COMMIT or QUIT Mindset?!

I can remember as a kid sitting in Sunday School hearing about the dangers of “lukewarm living”. This is where you know the right thing to do, but either chose not to or dont put the effort in to. I was always taught this is the WORST place to be in in your walk with God. And this is pretty much how I lived my life up until 8 years ago. I would be “in” and then “out”. Go to church, be done with church. Do the right thing, not do the right thing. And you know what this causes? GUILT, shame, inferiority, and frustration. You feel like you are never doing anything right. And to be honest most the time I wasnt. Ok enough with the flash back from the depressing past and on to the new and improved stuff!

Back eight or so years ago I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I told myself I would make a commitment to live my life all in or all out in everything that I did. And that is when DOORS BEGAN TO OPEN. Good things started to come into my life. I started to feel fulfilled. I began to feel competent. I finally felt I had a purpose. You are probably wondering why I am telling this story and it’s because getting into a FULLY COMMITTING MINDSET will open doors and opportunities in your life and business. People may start to notice and think it’s “luck”, but no it’s HARD WORK and doing the right thing over and over and over. 

How are you running your business today? Are you ALL in or one foot in? Are you ready to 100% commit to succeeding in your business? Doing the difficult even when you dont feel like it? Showing up each and every day sharing your message? I am praying your answer is YES. 

Now I want to hear what big or little steps you took this week to commit to becoming more consistent in your business.  Whatever it is, I want to HEAR!! Big, Small, and anything in between!!