I'm About to Do Something New....

Happy Tuesday Confident Lady,

This week I’m really feeling called to talk on a particular scripture. I came across it during my maternity-leave, at a time I was having “a morning”. It was one of those weeks where baby AB was regressing into her early infant sleep patterns and I just wasn’t sure how I was going to keep up in my business having so little time to commit.

I went to the Lord in prayer asking him to show me a way that I could make this {business} work. I 100% loved being a mother and also 100% loved my business. I was at a crossroads-- I felt so pulled in both directions. AND let me say, I was feeling particularly grateful because I WAS in this predicament. How many women out there can say they can build/sustain their own business while being a full time stay at home mom? I had mothers around me going back to work and missing their babies, when I had the freedom to be with mine all day long.

I told myself that morning….

...Let it all go, just surrender AGAIN (totally my theme this year!)

...Let God do the heavy lifting for you.


...Get comfortable with being UNcomfortable. (which was me feeling like I was working at a snail speed in my business)

...Quit comparing your monetary success TODAY to your monetary success a year ago.

...Give yourself PERMISSION and grace to do ONLY what you can.

...Accept that you are now working less than a quarter of what you worked this time last year AND you are STILL bringing in a decent income that more than covers your expenses--let alone an income you would have DREAMED of having just 2 years ago.

I told myself all of this, knew it with all my heart, but was still finding it difficult to be okay with. AB at that moment was settled on her playmat. Smiling up at me, laying there like a precious little gift. Kicking her legs, moving her arms to the music of her mobile. This moment was perfection. Again, how lucky am I that I can share these moments with her? And all day every day.

I was feeling a meditation in that moment of stillness. I decided to search for a yoga class on youtube and something called “holy yoga” popped up. I clicked on the youtube channel and boy was I blown away that this was actually a thing! Have you ever heard of this?! Wishing I had found it sooner--yoga + devotional all in one! The instructor began the class with this scripture:

Isaiah 43:16-21: This is what God says,

   the God who builds a road right through the ocean,

   who carves a path through pounding waves,

The God who summons horses and chariots and armies—

   they lie down and then can’t get up;

   they’re snuffed out like so many candles:

“Forget about what’s happened;

   don’t keep going over old history.

Be alert, be present.

I’m about to do something brand-new.

 It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?

......this gave me goosebumps! How often do we doubt ourselves or doubt how big our God really is? Two insights I received from those verses were:

  1. Forget the past and focus on what's to come. How often do we allow our minds to get stuck in the way things “should be happening”??  When God is trying to bless us in a NEW way that is even greater than the way he’s blessed us in the past.

  2. Be confident in the future and what God is about to do in your life. Hasn’t he ALWAYS made a way? Has he ever not come back after a time of hardship? Think back to past experiences and although how difficult they were to deal with at the moment, think about how you’ve always gotten through them in the end.

So again, in this moment I was feeling discouraged about “being away” from my business and not creating as much income as I had before. But hearing these verses really helped me to recognize the GOOD in this current situation----should I really be discouraged? I am able to stay home with my beautiful baby girl and work a QUARTER of what I was working this time last year. In that moment I prayed and asked for peace.

After wrapping up the yoga class I checked my phone and God sent me a $33.50 passive income sale. Nothing significant, but this was MORE than significant to me! God showed me and confirmed:

---> I will always cover you

---> I will always provide an income

--->  I will give you exactly what you need, not MORE, not LESS.

---> This my daughter, is all that you need today

And guess what? It really was. I had more than enough to provide to my family and more than enough to even bless others with my income.

So today, here is a quick exercise to use when you’re feeling uncomfortable about the way things “aren’t” moving in your life:

Write down past situations you were afraid to go through. Then record:

--->  what exactly you feared in the moment

---> how you eventually overcame it

---> and then lastly, write down how this experience has prepared for your future giants

What have you been holding onto lately? What past experiences are you comparing your current blessings to today? How are you blocking God from blessing you with HIS perfect blessing today? Comment below and let me know! If so and you think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at kate@katecrocco.com

For more, check out this video I did on this topic over on my YouTube channel! 


Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate

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