Are You Confidently Leading?

This week over in the The Confident Ladies Club Facebook Group we’ve been talking "Confidently Showing Up as a Leader". 

Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

1. Envision what a leader looks like to you.

2. Begin to think about what you would look like as a leader. How would you lead? How would you handle situations? How would you present yourself? How would you speak to people? What business activities would you engage in? 3. Now this is the hard one….get ready to get super uncomfortable.

4. You are now going to show up as that leader TODAY. In this moment. Exactly where you are. Even though you don’t yet feel qualified, it will be EASIER to start today than to wait.

5. Start by taking baby steps. This ties in with last weeks topic of getting Visible. And in order to get visible, you HAVE to do the inner work. Challenging limiting beliefs, false stories, fears, insecurities and building up that confidence.

Take a moment today to really think about where you are at in your message. Make sure that you feel aligned with it, because when you ARE, you will feel more confident presenting it and showing up as a leader in this area.

And here are a few Q's to think about this week:

// Do I feel clear AND confident with what I do and who I serve?

// Do I feel confident in the message I put out there?

// What am I REALLY good at aka my Zone of Genius. Do I lead ONLY with this?

// If not, would I feel more confident putting myself out there if it felt more aligned to who I am and what I really WANT to do?

I also did a Facebook LIVE yesterday to chat with you about this topic. Watch the replay by clicking the picture below:

Lots of love & Blessings,