Big Picture Vision

Hello Confident Ladies!

This week we are talking "Big Picture Vision".  Boy do we have some multi-passionate, AMBITIOUS ladies in this tribe with many visions! This week I want to support you in staying on the path to your dreams, but not allowing them to keep you paralyzed at the moment. Oftentimes we have SO many BIG missions that it becomes overwhelming to even know where to start.

Let's start with a few tips to help support you in staying on course:

  1. First write down what those big picture visions/missions are. Don’t hold back. Write each and every one down, no matter how far out of reach they may seem.

  2. Think realistically. Many people have told me before, “Kate you’re a mindset coach, aren’t you supposed to get people thinking REALLY BIG and setting HUGE goals?” And my answer is YES + NO. It’s important again to lay out those huge goals, but we also need to evaluate our reality and ask ourselves “is this goal that I want to accomplish this year really possible? Do I have the support, money, resources, and time to realistically make this happen?” Tomorrow I am going to share with you an example with you of a discovery call where this happened!

  3. After you have these BIG vision dreams written down and you have a pretty firm grasp on what can realistically be accomplished with the resources you have, then pick and choose which goals you want to focus on for the month, quarter, year, however you plan. List the ones you know are attainable and then add a few stretch goals on. This has served me SO well in not only this business, but my first business as well. It boosts your confidence because again, these goals are reality based. And I’ve also surpassed my goals because my confidence has been high throughout the process

Make sure you continue to work your mindset in keeping it not only clear, but in reality. Each time you go to “think big” ask yourself…..Is this a goal I should be focussing on right now or something I should have on my list to work on down the road? Do I have the resources today to make this happen or do I need to grow and nurture them a bit more? 

And now I want to share an experience that should help tie this together and illustrate what a reality based big picture goal looks like:

Early on in my business before having a Discovery Call screening process, I was once asked on a discovery cal if I could guarantee that this woman could start having consistent 20k months after completing 90 days together. She proceeded to tell me that she could only invest $200 per month TOPS on our coaching together. I asked her how much money she was currently making in her business and she answered with zero. She explained that she actually didn’t have a business yet, wanted to launch in a week, had no systems in place (social media, website, etc.), and could only put 15 hours per week into building it. (THIS was the very reason why I started having prospective clients fill out an application for review before inviting to a Discovery Call!!)

I told her that because of these circumstances, this goal would not be realistic to attain in that short period of time. 20k months could be possible in time, but based on her circumstances, not in 90 days. She did not like my answer and didn’t hire me (thank goodness!).  She wanted to be promised (like many other coaches would do) that she would be able to launch a business with zero resources, experience, connections, and off the bat start bringing in 20k months. We all know that many programs out there will promise results like this, but for me, it is not in integrity to promise such things.

The reason I am sharing this story is because this type of story is NOT uncommon. Many ambitious women tend to put immense pressure on themselves to THINK BIG and achieve their goals in a day. All that this is going to do is burn you out, leave you defeated, and put you in a place of feeling like a failure. So today I want you to REALLY think hard, be kind to yourself, remind yourself that BIG goals take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Trust the process, enjoy the process, be ok with your timing not always being God’s timing for you, and know that focus, consistency, and perseverance will eventually lead you to your dream.  

What are your thoughts on this topic? Does it hit home with you or confirm something you've been feeling for some time? I’d love to hear your feedback and even experience with this. Please share below in the comments. 

XO Kate