Consistency + Persistence = SUCCESS

Hey Confident Ladies,

Today I want to talk to you about " Consistency". This is one of the BIGGEST thing entrepreneurs struggle with. Yet one of those make or break pieces to owning a business. I like to say that consistency + persistence lead to the PRIZE.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself this week:

// If I get real with myself, how consistent have I REALLY been in my business?

// Do I compare my journey with others journeys I see around me?

// What are my current circumstances? Realistically, how consistent or how much time do I have to commit to my business?

// Am I willing to maintain consistency even when I am not seeing the results I desire?

(ouch!! I know this is a TOUGH one to ask, but very necessary!!)

Now I want to share a few tips to help support you with getting consistent in your business:

1. Again, ask yourself: how consistent have I REALLY been in my business? Be 100% honest if you want this to work. Have you put your ALL in or have you been dipping your toes in the waters of entrepreneurship?

2. Now that you’ve gotten honest with yourself, set out a plan. As as talked about “realistic goals/plans” earlier in the month, what does a realistic plan look like to you? Assess the resources, commitments, time, and support you have at the moment and create your goal timeframe based on how much time you have to be consistent. For example, a single woman without children or a 9-5 may have 16 hours, seven days per week available to her to be consistent. A married woman with three children and a 9-5 may have 2 hours to put into her business 4 days per week. They may have the same end goal, but their plan and timeframe will look a whole lot different.

3. Practice ACCEPTANCE. Just because you are consistent for 10 days or 30 days doesn’t mean you will automatically achieve your goals. Be ok with know that it may take LONGER than expected to reach your goals. Life happens. Roadblocks get thrown in the way. Want to know who the winners are? Those who persevere even when it’s hard and doesn’t feel like it’s paying off. Which leads into some wisdom through experience:

+++++Be Consistent especially when you feel like NOT being consistent++++

As a mindset coach I help my clients stay in a positive mindset to persevere, even when things are not going their way. WAY too many talented women drop out of entrepreneurship because they lack PATIENCE. They look around and compare their story to everyone else’s story and forget that we all have a different story to tell. We see stories of “overnight success” and compare our shortcomings to this. I love using myself as an example so that you can see the BIG picture rather than the snapshot it may come across as to someone who just meets me. Yes, this business went from zero to over 6-figures my first year in business, but you didn’t see the HOW leading up to it. I started my bachelor’s at 18 years old. Worked my buns off during that time at unpaid internships and took extra classes to qualify for an advanced program I participated in. Then attended an Ivy League University to get my Masters in Social Work. Accrued almost 6-figures in debt from this education. Worked numerous grueling and unsafe internships for free while being committed to three families I would babysit for. After worked extremely unsafe jobs in foster care traveling into the projects (sometimes late nights by myself) to make sure the kids were safe and this was literally for pennies. Took on other jobs, went back to school for my Post Masters Degree in Addictions, studied and passed two NY State Board exams to be licensed at the highest level, and the list goes on!

Me creating a six-figure coaching business in one year didn’t just happen in one year. It was over 10 years of me hustling, putting my safety at risk, living on next to nothing, missing out on events and fun opportunities, just to get to that place where I could practice independently and begin creating my own success on not anyone else’s terms but my own. Looking back, were their days I wanted to give up? ABSOLUTELY! Each new level I got to I would be tempted to say “screw it, I just want to live my life, have fun, not bust my buns working, and find another job outside of my field that would pay me enough to pay the bills”. But did I ever do this? Nope. I knew the consistency would eventually pay off so I kept on going.

Again, the reason I am telling the icky details is because I want to show you that it WASN’T easy. In order to create the ease and flow I currently have in my business, I had to travel the long road. It didn’t come easy to me. To some it will come MUCH easier than this and that is their journey and their story. Again, I want you to get real with yourself today and ask yourself how consistent you realistically have been? Do you know you could get to your destination faster if you picked yourself up right away each time you fell?

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What are your thoughts on these tips? Do any really hit home with you or confirm something you've been feeling for some time? I’d love to hear your feedback and even experience with this. Please share below in the comments. 

XO Kate