Entrepreneurial Loneliness

Happy Tuesday Confident Ladies!

Several months back I asked for some topics you were yearning to get support around. One that came up numerous times was entrepreneurial loneliness. When I received this feedback I thought “wow I honestly have never dealt with this and wonder why so many do?” Then a lightbulb went off! Today I want to share with YOU some quick tips on how to kick entrepreneurial loneliness to the curb  in your business.

Up until becoming an entrepreneur, I have always considered myself an extrovert. I’ve taken the Meyers Briggs several times and each and every time come in as an ENFJ. I would enjoy spending time socializing and always felt filled after doing so. There would even be nights I would get home from my 9-5 and feel bored + lonely.  The concept of  entrepreneurship would even frighten me-- the thought of always being ALONE.

Flash forward almost three years. Today I feel I have more introverted tendencies, enjoy my alone time, and crave evenings by myself cuddling up with my pup and a good book.

Did I suddenly become an introvert overnight?

I don’t think so!

What I do know happened was that fear of being alone really served me well. I decided from day one I would never isolate myself. Any human being isolated for even a short period of time = not good. Here are a few tips that worked well for me:

  1. When I launched the local business I made sure that I built coffee dates into my schedule. I would pencil in a few dates per week to meet others in the field to network, collaborate, mastermind, or simply have a work buddy in the room. I realized that this fulfilled that need for human connection AND also began to grow my business like wildfire via word of mouth referrals.

  2. Then when I launched the online business and shut down the local business I felt as though I was in that same predicament again. I was worried I would feel isolated and because of that fear, decided to immediately take action BEFORE the feelings could even have a chance to arise. I vowed to connect with 3 new people online via a skype date each week. This was fun, filled my soul, AND surprisingly became the #1 way I built my business…….. through relationships! I even teach this to my clients now. It is a 100% FREE and effective marketing strategy. And again it feeds my soul! Some of these connections would become biz besties, collaborations, referral sources and even future CLIENTS or service providers that I would hire!

  3. As a busy entrepreneur it is easy to get so caught up in your work that you never leave the house right? Please tell me you get this ----> 4pm rolls by and you realize you still haven’t had lunch, finished your coffee, are still in your pajamas, and your husband is texting you asking what you should make for dinner!! Can I please get an AMEN?! #WorkAtHomeLife We oftentimes get so caught up in what needs to get done that we forget about the other important business building activities like……..a yoga class, taking the furry friend to the dog park, attending a painting + wine night, bible study, book club, you get the picture. Those fun things! And YES, these ARE business building activities. You ask how? These activities fill you up AND are an opportunity to expand your network. I can’t tell you how many connections I have made in my business by doing these fun things!! Go and get one on your calendar for tomorrow. Ok?

  4. Another great way to combat loneliness is just to PHYSICALLY be around others. Pack up your laptop and head out to a coffee shop to work for the afternoon. The change of environment and people all around will fill that void just a little!

  5. Last but not least, plan your own local meet up! This could be something as simple as throwing a time, coffee shop and invite out to a few people or as much as formally hosting something. I have done all of the above from small meetups at restaurants, to large one at lounges, to intimate ones in my home! And yes! Turbo + babygirl present as well!

I hope you enjoyed these five simple tips to combat entrepreneurial loneliness today! If at any point you find it sneaking back up again, head on over to this blog and get one of the above on your calendar for that same week. If you implement even just one of the above into your business each week, I will assure you that you will be feeling even a little more supported.

Which tip hit home the most today?Comment below and share with me! If think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at kate@katecrocco.com

Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well!

Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate

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