Ever feel you can’t help people and make money in the process?

Happy Tuesday Confident Lady,

This week we had an awesome guest on the podcast, Sarah Marandi-Steeves who spoke about overcoming the fear of "I can’t help people and make money in the process". Today I want to briefly dive into this lie with you, as I know so many of us have felt this way at one point or another. 

Here is my word of wisdom for you ---> Money is a magnifier of what's inside your soul.

I used to struggle with this belief myself as well. Coming from a healing/medical profession we are taught to serve, serve, serve. We area also taught to serve at the expense of our wellbeing. You see so many therapists and doctors running around trying to save the world who really need some saving themselves. Leading from a place of service is near and dear to my heart, but I've learned to approach it from a different angle. I used to feel guilt making money--that I wouldnt be truly helping people if I was doing it in exchange for a paycheck. Anyone else relate?

This is the FURTHEST from the truth. In order to fully serve as your highest and most impactful self, you MUST earn an income. How can you show up as a good listener when you're stressed about putting food on the table for your family? How can you perform surgery if you havent had a vacation in years? I think you get the picture! 

What I've found personally and with clients is that when they do charge for their services and charge a fair price, they are able to create a life that feels fuller, that has more margin for giving, and where they are not running on empty. 

Here are a few tips that worked for my clients:

1. I ask clients to visualize what it would look like if they weren't stressed about money and were able to live comfortably. How would they spend their time? Would they be more giving with it even? I used to think I needed to help everyone for free or low cost. I felt burned out and really was helping no one. I decided that in order to live a more fulfilling life I would need to cut my client load in half which meant increasing my prices. It was scary at first, but I was able to show up for those new clients 110%, I also felt more fulfilled, and even had a little extra time to do pro bono work for those who couldn't afford my services. I now also am able to volunteer at my church which was something I couldn't do when I wasn't valuing my worth.

2. The reason people struggle with this lie is fear that they may look greedy. I like to tell my clients that if the thought of looking greedy is even a thought in their mind, this automatically makes them not greedy. Someone who was truly greedy wouldnt be able to acknowledge the greed. 

3. I have my clients repeat ---> money is just a magnifier of what's already there. If you are kind and compassionate and giving with a little, you will be even more kind, compassionate, and giving with a lot. The same goes for stinginess. Money only magnifies whatever is already in your heart. Put this on repeat all day and night and you'll be on your way to believing it in no time!

Did this hit home today? Do you ever fear you can’t help people and make money in the process?Comment below and share with me! If think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at kate@katecrocco.com and we will chat about some ways I can support you in getting confident in what is already within you.

If you want to hear more of my morning discussion, make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well! 

And catch Sarah's episode all on this topic over on the Podcast HERE!!!

Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate