For heaven's sake, please STOP learning!

Hi Lady,

This week we are talking a controversial subject in the business world…...I am asking you to QUIT learning. To quit consuming and begin creating. It’s only natural in the business world to SELL right? We are plagued with a mindset of always needing to “learn more” and “consume more”. You’ve been told before, “it didn’t work because you just haven’t taken MY course before. Once you take MINE, your life and/or business will change”. I call BS. The problem these days is NOT that you haven’t learned enough, it’s that you most likely are consuming TOO MUCH and not taking the time to take what you learned to create what it is you want to create.

Can any of you agree? Have you taken program after program, course after course, read e-book after e-book and still haven’t created that special signature coaching program. Still haven’t written your book. Still haven’t opened your clothing boutique. Still haven’t taken your real estate exam. You get it. The list goes on.

This is going to be a relatively quick + simple blog post for me today (yay!).

My advice: Take 3 months off from CONSUMING. Put down the book. Shut the computer. Put those course modules on hold. Yeah, I know I’m crazy-- I sell workbooks and a visibility course. But you know what? I don’t care. What I do care about is seeing you take what you already have, grow your confidence in your present abilities, and go out there and begin DOING.

Last summer I challenged a few of my clients to take June, July, + August off from consuming any new information. I asked that they consider taking this time to use what they already had in front of them. Create what they’ve been wanting to create. Or as simple as even selling what they already have (but have been too into learning they’ve neglected promoting the already amazing offers they created). Many said this would be impossible. But found it enticing. I told them to trust me. And guess what? They booked new clients, they had more space to connect with others, were invited to collaborate, and they got more visible. ALL positives that would have been easy to neglect if they were stuck in learning mode.

As my girl Marie would say……”Here’s a tweetable for ya today”…..

“Consumption = Counterproductive unless you give yourself time to implement” --Kate Crocco

Did this hit home today? How confident are you in your abilities? Do you know you have plenty of knowledge and wisdom to be successful EXACTLY where you are? If not, what would it take to get you to that place and how would it change your life if you DID get that that place??

Comment below and share with me! If think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at and we will chat about some ways I can support you in getting confident in what is already within you.

Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate