Having an Abundance Mindset


This week we are talking Faith and our topic is " Staying in an Abundance Mindset". Here are a few questions to ask yourself this week:

// How does my faith support me in my business?

// Do I believe that God will provide all my needs?

// Am I living my life free from fear of the future, knowing that my business is exactly where it’s supposed to be?

// Am I living my life and business with open hands?

I’d love to share a few tips that have worked for me:

  1. SURRENDER. Give it up to God. Whatever it is, big or small. Let go of holding onto outcomes so dearly.

  2. ACCEPT. Accept and thank God for what he’s already given you. Even though it may not resemble what you prayed for, believe it is what you need. Accept that you are exactly where you should be at this moment.

  3. Fill your mind with only positive words. “God is able. God will supply all my needs. He knows the longings of my heart. He can make the impossible possible, because through him he says.... I am possible”.

  4. REFLECT. Be grateful for the abundance in your life + business even before you see it! Start keeping a gratitude journal. If you don’t already, take 20 minutes and write down all of those impossibles God has already made possible for you.

 I also want to give you some PERSONAL wisdom:

This time last year I had NO business! How crazy is that?! Well I had my psychotherapy practice, but hadnt yet launched this coaching business! I felt a strong pull to launch this business despite what others were saying. Many thought I had lost my mind because I already had a THRIVING, full, and waitlisted business, but I knew deep down that God had BIGGER plans for my life. I knew that I wanted to impact way more than say 30 people at a time. I wanted to impact thousands if not more.

I knew that the pain I experienced in the past had a greater purpose. I knew God would allow me to use it to help others by being able to share my story. And so I decided to start referring out and closing some of the therapy clients I had. And by October I had nearly cut back clients by 50%, which meant a 50% pay cut. My husband didnt understand, my family, my friends, they thought I was NUTS. I knew that in order to launch this business I would need the space and energy to do it and I was willing to take that risk to follow this calling. I knew that God had my back. I knew he wouldnt let me down if I followed his will.

And guess what? Be being faithful and believing in abundance only blessed me. By July of this year I had already reached income wise what I made the ENTIRE year of 2015 in my full and thriving therapy practice. You know I am not one to share or boast numbers, but this is a God thing. It is an example that if you follow his will and believe he will provide, HE WILL. I now am able to bless others with my income by doing free sessions, giving my programs away to those who cant afford it, creating space in my schedule to make freebie workbooks and continue to provide value based content in this free group!

I believe that mindset is 90% of business success. And living in a mindset of ABUNDANCE makes life and work fun, fulfilling, and ABUNDANT! Like I mentioned above, it WASN’T easy in the beginning. I had to seriously flex my faith muscle, while working my confidence AND mindset all at once. I was SCARED out of my mind, but this drew me even close to God and laid the foundation of me living in an ABUNDANCE mindset.

I want you to rate your Mindset from a 1-10 based on the scale below.

SCARCITY  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ABUNDANCE

Are you happy with the number you got? Or do you know this is something you need to work on?? I would consider doing some mindset work if you find yourself rated under a 7.

"You will see success when you believe in your own success" -Wayne Dyer

It's that simple. What's holding you back from believing in it? The sooner you uncover this, the sooner you will believe, and then the sooner you will see it.