Staying in Your OWN Lane!



Hey Beauty,

This week we've been talking Mindset and "Staying in your own lane!!" This topic was (sadly) inspired by something that I saw come up NUMEROUS times last week. I see it happen often, but I swear there was something in the air last week because I’ve never seen so many at once dealing with this block.

Let me now elaborate…. There are TOO many women in this industry GIVING UP. Talented, generous, big hearted women feeling defeated because they aren't staying in their own lane. Ask yourselves these questions:

  • Do you ever look around and wonder how everyone sold out their programs and you have difficulty booking one client?

  • Do you feel like you have to empty your life savings to work with a coach that charges super high rates because they are promising if you work with them you will have a sold out program by month three?

  • Are there days you just look around and feel “I am the only one stuck” everyone else looks like they have it all together?

Luckily I personally have a strong mindset when it comes to comparison and am pretty good at redirecting myself if it were to happen. BUT I know this is not the case for most. Many women literally let comparison pull their business from right under them. I have seen INCREDIBLY talented women with HUGE gifts to share COMPLETELY stuck and unable to share their gifts because they think someone else will “beat them to it”. It can be overwhelming especially when you first get into the online world. You had an idea you thought was so unique and different and BOOM there are hundreds of others doing the EXACT same thing, so you think…. Reality is, they are NOT. No one can do exactly what you do. You are different, unique, have a one of a kind story, a voice, different experiences, etc. Some will literally chose you over someone else because of the way your voice sounds or the way you dress.

I truly DO NOT believe in competition. I believe if you are 100% authentically and unapologettically YOU, you will attract the right people and move ahead in this industry. So pleaseeeee quit looking around and thinking you need to launch a group program because so and so did. Stop feeling like you have to start hosting challenges because your “competitor” does. Stop looking at how much money so and so is saying they made in zero to 5 months. You don’t know the FULL story. That individual may not be telling you this is their 3rd business, the last two failed. All we see is SURFACE.  Even myself, it may look like I booked out my coaching business in no time, but you have NO idea how much went into making it happen. All starting with me attending grad school EIGHT years ago. I didn’t just pop up out of nowhere and learn how to do mindset coaching. I worked my buns off to make this happen. So pleaseeee remember that and give yourself some GRACE. Stay in your own lane and focus on your end goal my dears and if you can do this….you WILL succeed.

I also did a FB Live over in The Confident Ladies Club yesterday. Click the pic below to watch:

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XO Kate