Reflections from Colour Conference 2018

Happy Tuesday Ladies,

I promised you last week a reflection from Colour Conference 2018. Many of you have heard me talk about Colour in the past. It's a women's conference held by Hillsong Church. It's not a business conference per se, but a place to come and get filled up spiritually to be even better equipped to run your business + serve hearts.

I'd love this post to be a reflection of the past three years I attended. So let's dive into the first one!

At 2016 Colour, I was about 6 months into my business. I had been more than abundantly blessed and was in the place of feeling "God how can I keep this up?" I was in the mindset of feeling like I had gotten really lucky and it was all about to come crashing down. I was holding onto the reigns so tightly. My relationships were suffering and I ended up working around the clock in order to earn 6-figures year one. I was tired, weary, scared, and although I had been blessed abundantly with opportunity and income, I was not living abundantly in LIFE. I was about to crash and burn. Christine Caine spoke that year and closed with a talk that drilled the importance of doing God's work LITTLE by LITTLE in order to win the race. I walked away knowing I was supposed to slowwwwww down and take this adventure in strides. Little did I know I would be pregnant a few short months later with Anna Banana. I share even more about this season in the book I'm writing!

Now fast forward to Colour 2017. I am 9 months pregnant and literally about to pop. I actually deliver Annabelle exactly two weeks later, three weeks before her due date. I have been obedient over the past year and learned how to PACE myself.  I've hired team members and delegated, I've learned to rest and take time off, I've learned to SURRENDER all the things that had been out of my control. Let me tell you, in order for me to do all of this, God had to do some BIG work in me. I am a 10 steps ahead kinda person and do NOT like to slow down, but I did it.  I entered this Colour with a new fear. I was afraid I would not measure up as a mother. Funny thing was that the 2017 theme was all about mothering and equipping our younger generation to continue the good work. I was scared I wouldn't be able to "do it". But I prayed for peace and guidance as a new mother. I walked away believing God could give me grace and equip me with the tools to lead my soon to be daughter.

What I didn't know was that I would enter 2018 Colour feeling more than equipped as a mother, feeling fulfilled and proud of the grace I had given myself this first year of parenting. I didn't know I also would have such a longing on my heart to begin mentoring other young women. I didn't realize that my struggles and fears before motherhood could potentially give someone else hope that they too could do this motherhood journey imperfectly just like me. Now 2018 conference not only did my sweet Annabelle turn one year old, but the precious babe growing inside me turned three months. 

Talk about working miracles on my mindset sisters!

Just 12 months prior I was sitting in conference balling my eyes out, feeling unqualified to be a mother, and now I have another on the way and am nothing but excited because I know that God will continue to give me the grace to do the best that I can do. Another deliverance! 

Ladies, when you seek and ask God to tell you what He wants for you, hear it, and then listen, he will fulfill that promise. Each and EVERY time. Each year He's fulfilled something special in my life. When you're going through it, it doesn't always feel like He's listening, but in time you notice, "wow He really did come through". 

So 2018 Colour I felt God telling me He wanted me to step up and LEAD. "But God I've already been leading right?!" Nope. "Not the way I am asking you to lead Kate." I felt him instill a stronger desire to share my voice in a way that would be scary, but exciting at the same time. 

 One of the speakers said this ....“All of Heaven looks down and asks..... Is that all she wants?!”

Now that hit me like a ton of bricks. Am I not dreaming big enough? Am I playing it small? Am I allowing the excuses from "busy life" to block blessings that are trying to enter in? Ummm I think so. Girls, I've really been playing it safe the last few months. I've been letting life excuses hold me back from the momentum I had going. I called myself out this conference. I declared I would lead stronger, speak bolder, and take risks like I've never taken before. I committed to on boarding the interns that were sent to me. I committed to starting that podcast that's been on my heart for years. And I committed to not giving up on my book until it's in the hands of the women who need to hear it, despite the bumpy road it's been.


"Is this really all that you're asking for my daughter?"

How are you limiting yourself from the blessings that could be available to you?

How are you playing it small?

What is that burning desire deep down you've been suppressing because you aren't quite sure you're qualified, capable, or the woman chosen to do it?

Be BOLD today and share that BIG dream below with us. We love you and are cheering you on.

Make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to check out the video I did on this topic as well! 

XO Kate