Running Your Business with Ease


This week we are talking Confidence and our topic is "Running your business with EASE".  Now this is NOT an easy one for many and is something I totally STRUGGLED with early on. There were days and sometimes weeks I would feel like I was holding on for dear life (which I bet some of you can relate to today). So today I want to ask you a few questions:

// Am I confident that when things are slow they WILL pick back up?

// Am I so fearful of “missing out” that I cling on for dear life?

// Can I step away when I feel like it and believe my business will run with abundance?

I am going to share a few tips that have worked for me.

  1. Everyone talks about the HUSTLE! I like to say that I “humbly-hustle”. I work as hard as I can AND realize there is only so much time in a day, days in a week, weeks in a month, and so on.

  1. Think of it as a MARATHON. If you were to sprint the half or even quarter, you will BURN out and maybe not even complete the marathon. Same with your BUSINESS…. Humbly-hustle lady!

  1. People can SEE + FEEL your energy! I’m not one to talk energy, but whatever you wanna call it energy, vibe, whatever, people can FEEL it. I can sign online and right away know who is working from scarcity + desperation and who is humbly-hustling, believing in abundance.

  1. When you hold on too tightly eventually you WILL lose your grip. So this is a NO! Again, you will burn OUT if you are clinging on for dear life. You will no longer have a life!

What steps will you take today to get you feeling CONFIDENT about running your business with ease?!

I’ve shared many times that when I began my first business, it was hard, but no where near as hard as this online coaching business! I assumed going from a successful psychotherapy practice to an online coach would be a PIECE of cake! Well I fell flat on myself shortly after diving in. I had roadblock after roadblock thrown at me and I was literally >>>CLINGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE<<<. I remember texting my coach a picture I had found of a cartoon woman holding onto a branch over a rushing river holding on for dear life. Take a moment and visualize that. Someone trying hard not to get pulled away by the current. That was ME.

I was WAY too INTO my business and not enough OUT of my business. The more I would push, the more resistance I would feel. Thankfully I learned early on this was NOT gunna work and did some big time mindset work on myself. I learned along the way that the more that I humbly-hustled, UNPLUGGED, and stepped away with an abundance mindset, the more SPACE I created for goodness to FLOW IN.

Wanna know another crazy thing that happens when I take space? My CLIENTS see HUGE successes. My last vacation I was unplugged for about 24 hours, enjoying myself with ease, and the next day woke up from messages that a client had a 16k day (20k month), another client a 8k month, another booked 4 new clients in a day, AND this was all only the SECOND week of the month. I also had booked THREE new clients the day before leaving, and received MULTIPLE applications for Discovery Calls while I was I sippin my pina colada in the pool!

Now THIS is running your business with EASE…... NOT clinging on for dear life waiting by my phone for clients to call!! Are you clinging on for dear life today or floatin in the pool allowing space for goodness to flow into your business??