SHARE, Don’t Sell

Happy Tuesday Confident Lady,

A few weeks back I published a blog post entitled How to Confidently Book {IDEAL} Clients. It ended up being a hit and I was a bit surprised from the feedback that I received.  It turns out that “sharing your services” rather than selling, was something that was foreign to many of the women in this space.  In the business world we are constantly told to “SELL SELL SELL. Go out there and GET your customers. Close the sale. Give them the pitch” and so on. What if we just shifted our mindset to rather than “selling”, but sharing the God given gifts we have with those who need them?

Before my first ever Discovery Call, my coach used this analogy with me, “share your brownies”.  She encouraged me to think of the call as me sitting at a baseball game with a tin of delicious home baked brownies. She reminded me I most likely wouldn’t hoard the brownies to myself, but would want to share this goodness with others around me (because when we share it’s much more enjoyable). We won’t know if the other person has an allergy, is on a diet, or just doesn’t like brownies, unless we OFFER our brownies. Some people will accept and happily partake, while others will pass due to one the above reasons.

And guess what? “Sales” should be just that.

What if we decided to approach our special gifts the same way? We could take the word SALES out of our vocabulary and replace it with sharing or offering. Already sounds more pleasant right?

Now imagine this….. Receiving an application for someone signing up for a discovery call who looks like an ideal client. Getting EXCITED to get on the phone with them so that you can hear about their needs, assess if you would be appropriate to help them, and then feel lit up to talk with them about how you support your clients and how you can share your special goodness with them. Imagine, not being afraid of the outcome, but knowing that no matter what the outcome is, it was meant to be.

Imagine how effortless each and every “sales call” would be if you could just listen, assess, share, and offer?

I guarantee you would have a LOT more customers than you do right now. I bet you are wondering, “how the heck can I get into this easy-breezy cover girl mindset? Let me give you a few pointers! Here we go:

1.     Remind yourself, you have a GIFT to share. You have been gifted with a talent, skill, or expertise that others do NOT have. In order for others to fulfill what it is they are longing to fulfill, they need YOUR gift.

2.     You are ROBBING from the world if you keep yourself stuck and afraid of sales. I always loved hearing my girl Marie Forleo talk about this. It shifted a mindset for me personally.

3.     If you don’t share it, others will who may not be as ethical or full of integrity will. I know if you are any bit shy about sales, you have pretty good values and integrity right? Well guess what? Many people out there don’t have the level of integrity that you do and if you aren’t selling, they will. I realized this when I first entered entrepreneurship. I heard chatter of scams and other yucky things happening to innocent people looking for help. I knew I wanted to change this and so I did by starting to sell!

4.     Detach yourself from the outcome. You don’t need sales tactics, scripts, or blueprints to get someone to work with you. You just need to be confident, non pushy, and not be afraid of hearing NO. If you hear no, it wasn’t the right client or the right time. Fearing no will only hold us back from our greatness and showing up 100% as ourselves.

5.     Go into every single sales call with what I like to call my “take it or leave it mindset”. You offer your brownies, if they like brownies they’ll accept. If they’re allergic to brownies or on a diet they will say no. It’s as easy as that!

Remember, you have something so important to share--something that can change a life, a business, a relationship.  And only you can offer that. Yes, other people may do something similar to you, but no one can replace your story, your voice, and your life experiences. Now go share those brownies Confident Lady!

Which tip hit home the most today? How confident have you been sharing your brownies?  Comment below and share with me! If think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at

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Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate

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