Episode #30: Kelly Rucker


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Kelly Rucker is the founder and curator of Mama Well, an online community that encourages women in motherhood & faith through shared stories and thoughtful content. She is also one of the leaders for Camp Well, a soul-care retreat for dreamers & doers. Kelly lives in sunny Austin, Texas with her husband of 10 years, their two daughters, and baby #3 who is due this Spring!

In today’s episode, Kelly shares the TOP limiting belief she’s faced in her business- comparing yourself to others and wanting be perfect. We discuss how she learned to let go of the “timeline of doing things” and letting it happen organically. Join us in this conversation because you are not alone and it is okay to feel like “this” and seek help!

In this Episode:

  • You have to start somewhere and take steps forward to gain people’s trust

  • Numbers don’t matter, the few matter

  • If you aren’t embarrassed about where you started then you started way too late

  • Surrounding yourself with a community for support

  • It’s okay to take baby steps

Words of Wisdom:

-- “If you wait for things to be perfect then you will never get anything done”

-- “Don’t be afraid to just do it”

-- “There will be days ahead where you question yourself but always remember your why

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