Episode #31: Tory Dube


Tory Dube is a Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist, helping expert women grow their coaching business to 6-figures.

In today’s episode, Tory shares the TOP limiting belief she’s faced in her business- “I need to be externally validated before I’m allowed to act like a leader”. Tory shares how by giving yourself permission to be yourself, you attract those who truly want to work with you. Join us in this conversation because you are not alone and it is okay to feel like “this” and seek help!

In this Episode:

  • Give yourself permission to show your true side

  • Be happy by sitting with your future self who isn’t limited to the “no’s”

  • If you’re willing for the success to come through you cannot be impatient or micromanage

  • Self awareness is important in making make any decision

Words of Wisdom:

-- “You have to show up and be that future version of yourself”

-- “It’s okay to look “crazy” when you’re manifesting your dream”

-- “You can still serve your people even if it’s imperfect”

-- “YOU are YOUR greatest asset”

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