What it really takes to get into a CEO Mindset: Six Part Series, Part 2

Hello Confident Lady,

Boy do I have a surprise for YOU! One year ago I did a series where I shared with you what it really takes to get into the "CEO Mindset" of a six figure business owner and I am bringing it back again! You know I am super transparent in all that I do and I'm sharing my wisdom to inspire you to take action in ways that ONLY feel good for you. Each Tuesday for the next five weeks, I will be sharing 5 insider tips on what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable and freedom living business. Ok let’s dive in:

6. Charge what feels good. If you charge any more or any less it won't feel aligned and you will REPEL clients away. Be SUPER confident in what you charge. I can remember watching webinars and being in programs where the leader would say “you have to charge more for people to take you seriously. If you want to attract better clients, raise your prices. If you want to look like a seasoned professional charge over 5k for 3 months” etc. You get the point. It was drilled in my mind early on that if someone charges a lot, they MUST be good. WRONG. Here’s the thing. I remember raising my prices early on due to pressure of them “being too low” and then immediately stopped signing on new clients. WHY? Because it didnt feel comfortable selling. It wasn’t aligned with my business mission. I lowered them. Starting booking tons of clients again. Became super confident in myself as a coach, with the results I could get my clients, the transformations I’d see before my eyes, that I began to believe that the work I did was well worth MORE $$ because of the return on investment my clients were getting. This is when I knew I was mentally ready to raise them. And to this day, I still have people tell me “you should be charging more”. Well guess what, what I charge today is what feels good to me at the moment. Work through any blocks around money and then evaluate your prices. Raising your prices is NOT the cure for you. Being CONFIDENT in your prices is what will be the game changer for you.

7. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. Just because other coaches charge 20k doesn't mean you should. Is their service really different than someone charging 6k? This ties in nicely with the previous tip. I have so many women come to me broke, in debt, “client-less” because they invested all their money into a “high level coach” who promised results that only the 1% can achieve. Their confidence is CRUSHED even more than before they hired this coach. They read testimonials. They believed that this coach would have all the magic formulas to success to hand off. What they didn’t realize is those testimonials could be the top 1% of the clientele they work with. Those magic formulas and roadmaps may work for them, but doesn’t mean it will work for you. Just because a coach charges 10k, 15k, 20k, 35k, it DOES NOT mean you are going to get results. It does NOT mean they are good at what they do. It just means that they are confident in charging this price. This is why CONFIDENCE is KEY to success in business. I’ve invested in quite a bit, but can never say I spent 15k for a coach in order to make five figure months. I’ve done it through HARD work and guidance from incredible coaches who do not charge an arm and a leg to work with them. Really think before you dive into hiring a “high end coach”. Do you really NEED to hire them to find the magic solution or could it already be within?

8. “So and so is such an incredible coach, I KNOW THEY will get ME results”. Remember, your success is in YOUR HANDS. Your coach or mentor can't get you results. You must get them for yourself. I’ve seen way too many women put WAY too much faith into their coach. Yes, as a coach I identify blocks, help the client uncover them, teach the client skills to work through them, are there to hold her hand throughout the process, BUT I can NOT do the work for her. She has to be willing to get the results and make it happen. Make sense? Hiring a coach will not guarantee results. What WILL guarantee results is hard work, a relentless mindset, perseverance, resiliency, and consistency. Take all that your coach teaches you and add the above into the mix and you will find yourself on the road to success!

9. Expanding on the previous tip ----> “So and so is such an incredible coach, I KNOW THEY will get ME results”. Now this goes for your own clients. Don't feel like you need to hand hold. Allow your clients to feel strong and CAPABLE to make decisions on their own, to have their results in their OWN hands so that they can take the credit and not you as their coach. Whenever a client thanks me for my guidance during our time together, I like to remind them that THEY were the one who got the results. I was there to guide, direct, teach, challenge, but it was only going to work as hard as they worked. If they got incredible results, it means that they put their ALL into it. Remember you spend about 4 hours per month with your clients out of 720 total hours in a month. Share this with them! Empower them. Remind them that THEY are in control of their destiny. People have said to me personally before “that’s incredible so and so coach was able to get you those results”. I IMMEDIATELY remind them, “I GOT MYSELF THOSE RESULTS”. So and so is an incredible coach, but we spent a total of 2 hours together per month, the magic happened OUTSIDE of those sessions. EMPOWER your clients, they are capable of so much!

10. Yes, you need to invest, but you need to do it little by little. Invest, make a profit, invest more, make bigger profit, and so on. Don't hire a handful of coaches and programs all at once. Pace yourself. I see way too many women sign up for course after course, just to leave even more confused than when they began. Pick ONE thing to start, learn it, focus only on it, and really nurture it. When you start seeing a return, then go ahead and invest a little more. My first year in business I invested over 20k. But it wasn’t all in one coach, it was in MULTIPLE coaches, multiple programs, services, and systems to lay the foundation of my business. I nearly made all of that year of investing (20k) back in one good month that I had. But again, I did it little by little. Don’t feel pressured to purchase the next best program or course. Make sure it’s something that you really need and something you will really take the time to nurture. And most of all, make sure you go into each investment with a clear and WINNING mindset!

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Blessings + Abundance, 
XO Kate