What it really takes to get into a CEO Mindset: Six Part Series, Part 1

Hello Confident Lady,

Boy do I have a surprise for YOU! One year ago I did a series where I shared with you what it really takes to get into the "CEO Mindset" of a six figure business owner and I am bringing it back again! You know I am super transparent in all that I do and I'm sharing my wisdom to inspire you to take action in ways that ONLY feel good for you. Each Tuesday for the next six weeks, I will be sharing 5 insider tips on what it takes to run a profitable, sustainable and freedom living business. Ok let’s dive in and start with:

Tip # 1: Do what lights you up ONLY. Ladies, I can’t say this enough. Even if it's "not as profitable" trust me, if it lights you up, you will find a way for it to bring a profit. I have seen countless business coaches trying to turn other creatives into coaches or even trying to convince coaches like me who do something a bit different that the ONLY way to make money is to be a business coach. I call B.S. Not true. I’ve seen lady bosses rocking their businesses, making a decent living, want to “up-level”, hire a coach and get talked into being a business coach. DO NOT fall into this trap. If business lights you up than yes, be a business coach. But if mindset or confidence or copywriting or marketing lights you up, stick with your zone of genius and do JUST that!

Tip # 2:  Be unapologetically YOU. It's quite frankly exhausting to pretend to be someone else. I remember back to those days of mean girls aka middle school. Needing to act, dress, talk, a certain way to have a chance to be the cool girl. Looking back this just feels icky and exhausting. Many entrepreneurs fall into this trap. They believe that in order to succeed they must “play the part”, whatever that may be. When you are spending time and energy on “playing the part” you lose site of the real reason youre an entreprenuer…. FREEDOM. Freedom to not need to get to work on time. Freedom to wear yoga pants each and every day (if this is your jam!). Freedom to not need to speak in big medical jargon. Freedom to literally show up each day EXACTLY as you are. This is why I’ve done so well in my business. I don’t wait for the “perfect time” when my hair is done or I have makeup on to hop on social media. I do it when I feel CALLED to share my message. If I waited to show up until things were "perfect" I would still be waiting my dear!

Tip # 3: Stay in your lane. Quit looking at what everyone else is doing and focus on your own mission. This is where lady bosses get stuck. They hop in their brand new car that has a full tank of gas, oil, fresh engine, low mileage, ready to go. They get on the road with perfect driving skills…..until they see that shop that opened up to their left and that car that they really wish they could have afforded on their right. What happens? They start swerving, they get distracted, they may start speeding and might get pulled over. They completely lose site on the DESTINATION. I hear entrepreneurial stories like this each and every day. Well equipped women with all the odds for them, losing site, crashing and burning. Stop looking at what so and so launched. Unfollow your “competitor” who you keep creeping on (I know you do it!). Keep your eye on the prize. What is your ultimate goal? WHY did you start in the first place? Keep that mission in site ONLY and you will get to your destination much faster than the others. 

Tip # 4:  Do what feels good. Just because someone says you should do it doesn't mean it's right for you. In this industry you will find many saying “you have to do/have x, y, & z to be successful”. And they are right to an extent because maybe it worked for them because it FELT GOOD for them. However, this does NOT mean it will work for you. My first year in business I would hear people saying “you’ve gotta run challenges and have webinars in order to sell your services/products. These are the BEST way to funnel people in”. This might be true for some people, but NOT me. In my first year in business I didnt ONCE run a challenge or host a webinar and I brought in over six figures. And why? Because I ONLY did what felt good. What felt aligned. And what felt natural in my business. I checked in with myself and made sure it wasnt fear keeping me from these things. Some of the things I felt aligned with DID scare me, but I knew they would be right for my business so I stepped out of my comfort zone and did them. And guess what? They were wildly successful. 

Tip # 5: Set boundaries. This business was actually built from people picking my brain. I had successfully built my first business and within 3 months of opening, was bringing in enough income to quit my 9-5. People came flocking to me for free advice. I was meeting everyone and their mother for coffee dates and giving this valuable info away. I felt drained, used and depleted, but came up with a brilliant idea. People WANT to learn from me so I will provide this information at a cost. People began paying, I began to love coaching and this is what lead me to where I am today. It’s ok to say NO to brain pickers. It’s ok to offer those people help through your “consulting work”. Your time is valuable. I’m sure you didn’t expect someone to set you up your business for free. You most likely did the hard work yourself or hired someone. DO THE SAME FOR OTHERS. You are teaching them the value of this knowledge and also guarding your time and energy so that you can show up as your best version of YOU for your CURRENT paying clients.

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Blessings + Abundance, 
XO Kate

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