30 Keys to Unlock the Door to Your Online Success

There are A LOT of people in this online space, but not everyone is willing to pull back the curtains and have an open conversation about what it really takes to create a successful business.

Within the first year of starting my second business as an online Mindset + Confidence Coach, I hit the six-figure mark. And guess what? The reason why I was able to scale so quickly was because of the unshakeable mindset I had cultivated while growing my first business, a local psychotherapy private practice.

And now I want to share with you a deeper look into year one of my coaching business, giving my unfiltered views so you can see the reality of what it takes to create an unshakeable mindset to in turn have a thriving business. I will be sharing the good, the bad, and everything in between. I'm sharing lessons I've learned in the hopes of inspiring YOU to create the success you want in your business!

This post is for you if you are:

  • A six figure earner desiring to run your business with more GRACE and EASE

  • A seasoned business owner looking to find alignment to begin earning a more steady income and attracting more IDEAL customers

  • OR A brand new entrepreneur looking for insights so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

WARNING: This is a LONG post - I didn’t hold anything back! Some of it might be a bit controversial and push some buttons. And you know what? That’s okay! I want to be transparent about what I’ve learned and share what’s REALLY going to bring you success in your business (and what's not).

Ready? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

1. Do ONLY what lights you up. I can’t say this enough. Even if it's "not as profitable" trust me, if it lights you up, you will find a way for it to bring a profit. I have seen countless coaches trying to turn other creatives into coaches or even trying to convince coaches like me who do something a bit different that the only way to make money is to be a business coach. B.S. Not true. I’ve seen lady bosses rocking their businesses, making a decent living, want to “up-level”, hire a coach, and get talked into being a business coach. DO NOT fall into this trap. If business coaching lights you up than yes, be a business coach. But if mindset or confidence or copywriting or marketing lights you up, stick with that!

2. Be unapologetically YOU. It's quite frankly exhausting to pretend to be someone else. I remember back to those days of mean girls and middle school. Needing to act, dress, talk, a certain way to have a chance to be the cool girl. Looking back that just feels icky and exhausting. Many entrepreneurs fall into this trap. They believe that in order to succeed they must “play the part”, whatever that may be. When you are spending time and energy on “playing the part” you lose site of the real reason you're an entrepreneur…. FREEDOM. Freedom to not need to get to work on time. Freedom to wear yoga pants each and every day. Freedom to not need to speak in big medical jargon. Freedom to literally show up each day EXACTLY how you are. This is why I’ve done so well in my business. I don’t wait for the “perfect time” when my hair is done or I have makeup on to hop on FB Live. I do it when I feel called to share my message.

3. Stay in your lane. Quit looking at what everyone else is doing and focus on your own mission. This is where lady bosses get stuck. They hop in their brand new car that has a full tank of gas, oil, fresh engine, low mileage, ready to go. They get on the road with perfect driving skills…..until they see that shop that opened up to their left and that car that they really wish they could have afforded on their right. What happens? They start swerving, they get distracted, they may start speeding and could get pulled over. They completely lose site of the DESTINATION. I hear entrepreneurial stories like this each and every day. Well equipped women with all the odds for them, losing site, and crashing and burning. Stop looking at what so and so launched. Unfollow your “competitor” who you keep creeping on. Just keep your eye on the prize. What is your ultimate goal? WHY did you start in the first place? Keep that mission in site ONLY and you will get to your destination much faster than the others.

4. Do what feels good. Just because someone says you should do it doesn't mean it's right for you. In this industry you will find many saying “you have to do/have x, y, & z to be successful”. And they are right to an extent because maybe it worked for them because it FELT GOOD for them. However, this does NOT mean it will work for you. I would hear people saying throughout my first year “you’ve gotta run challenges and have webinars in order to sell your services/products. These are the BEST way to funnel people in”. This might be true for some people, but NOT me. In my first year in business I didn't ONCE run a challenge or host a webinar and I did pretty well for myself. And why? Because I ONLY did what felt good. What felt aligned. And what felt natural in my business. I checked in with myself and made sure it wasn't fear keeping me from these things. Some of the things I felt aligned with DID scare me, but I knew they would be right for my business so I stepped out of my comfort zone and did them. And guess what? They were wildly successful.

5. Set boundaries. This business was actually built from people picking my brain. I had successfully built my first business and within 3 months of opening, was bringing in enough income to quit my 9-5. People came flocking to me for free advice. I was meeting everyone and their mother for coffee dates and giving this valuable info away that took me almost a year to research and formulate. I felt drained, used, and depleted, but came up with a brilliant idea. People WANT to learn from me so I will provide this information at a cost. People began paying. I now loved coaching. And this is what lead me to where I am today. It’s ok to say NO to brain pickers. It’s ok to offer those people help through your “consulting work”. Your time is valuable. I’m sure you didn’t expect someone to set up your business for free. You most likely did the hard work yourself or hired someone. DO THE SAME FOR OTHERS. You are teaching them the value of this knowledge and also guarding your time and energy so that you can show up as your best version of YOU for your CURRENT paying clients.

6. Charge what feels good. If you charge any more or any less it won't be aligned and you will REPEL clients away. Be SUPER confident in what you charge. I can remember watching webinars and being in programs where the leader would say “you have to charge more for people to take you seriously. If you want to attract better clients, raise your prices. If you want to look seasoned charge over 10k for 3 months” etc. You get the point. It was drilled in my mind early on that if someone charges a lot, they MUST be good. WRONG. Here’s the thing. I remember raising my prices early on due to pressure of them “being too low” and then immediately stopped signing on new clients. WHY? Because it didn't feel comfortable selling. It wasn’t aligned with my business mission. And so I lowered them and started booking tons of clients again. Became super confident in myself as a coach, with the results I could get my clients, the transformations I’d seen before my eyes, that I began to believe that the work I did was well worth MORE $$ because of the return on investment my clients were getting. This is when I knew I was mentally ready to raise them. And to this day, I still have people tell me “you should be charging more”. Well guess what, I’m staying right where I am at because this is what feels good to me. Work through any blocks around money and then evaluate your prices. Raising your prices is NOT the cure for you. Being CONFIDENT in your prices is what will be the game changer for you.

7. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. Just because other coaches charge 20k doesn't mean you should. Is their service really different than someone charging 6k? This ties in nicely with the previous tip. I have so many women come to me broke, in debt, “client-less” because they invested all their money into a “high level coach” who promised results that only the 1% can achieve. Their confidence is CRUSHED even more than before they hired this coach. They read testimonials. They believed that this coach would have all the magic formulas to success to hand off. What they didn’t realize is those testimonials could be the top 1% of the clientele they work with. Those magic formulas and roadmaps may work for them, but doesn’t mean it will work for you. Just because a coach charges 10k, 15k, 20k, 35k, DOES NOT mean you are going to get results. It also does NOT mean they are good at what they do. It just means that they are confident in charging this price. This is why CONFIDENCE is KEY to success in business. I’ve invested in quite a bit, but can say I've never spent 15k for a coach in order to hit five figure months. I’ve done it through HARD work and guidance from incredible coaches who do not charge an arm and a leg to work with them. Really think before you dive into hiring a “high end coach”. Do you really NEED to hire them to find the magic solution or could it already be within?

8. Your success is in YOUR HANDS. “So and so is such an incredible coach, I KNOW THEY will get ME results”. Remember, your results are up to you. Your coach or mentor can't get you results. You must get them for yourself. I’ve seen way too many women put WAY too much faith into their coach. Yes, as a coach I identify blocks, help the client uncover them, teach the client skills to work through them, are there to hold her hand throughout the process, BUT I can NOT do the work for her. She has to be willing to do the work and make it happen. Make sense? Hiring a coach will not guarantee results. What WILL guarantee results is hard work, an unshakable mindset, perseverance, resiliency, and consistency. Take all that your coach teaches you and add the above into the mix and you will find yourself on the road to success!

9. Empower your clients. Expanding on the previous tip ----> “So and so is such an incredible coach, I KNOW THEY will get ME results”. Now this goes for your own clients. Don't feel like you need to hand hold. Allow your clients to feel strong and CAPABLE to make decisions on their own, to have their results in their OWN hands so that they can take the credit and not YOU as their coach. Whenever a client thanks me for my guidance during our time together, I like to remind them that THEY were the one who got the results. I was there to guide, direct, teach, challenge, but it was only going to work as hard as they worked. If they got incredible results, it means that they put their ALL into it. Remember you spend about 4 hours per month with your clients out of 720 total hours in a month. Share this with them! Empower them. Remind them that THEY are in control of their destiny. People have said to me personally before “that’s incredible so and so coach was able to get you those results”. I IMMEDIATELY remind them, “I GOT MYSELF THOSE RESULTS”. So and so is an incredible coach, but we spent a total of 2 hours together per month, the magic happened OUTSIDE of those sessions. EMPOWER your clients, they are capable of so much!

10. Invest smartly. Yes, you need to invest, but you need to do it little by little. Invest, make a profit, invest more, make bigger profit, and so on. Don't hire a handful of coaches and programs all at once. Pace yourself. I see way too many women sign up for course after course, just to leave even more confused than when they began. Pick ONE thing to start, learn it, focus only on it, and really nurture it. When you start seeing a return, then go ahead and invest a little more. My first year in business I invested over 20k. But it wasn’t all in one coach, it was in MULTIPLE coaches, multiple programs, services, and systems to lay the foundation of my business. I nearly made all of that year of investing (20k) back in one good month that I had. But again, I did it little by little. Don’t feel pressured to purchase the next best program or course. Make sure it’s something that you really need and something you will really take the time to nurture. And most of all, make sure you go into each investment with a clear and WINNING mindset!

11.  Give yourself time to implement. Learning is great, but if you keep going from course to course, program to program, when are you actually implementing? Early on, even before I launched my business I would purchase small courses, products, programs, all because I thought I needed to learn everything in order to launch. What I didn't realize until later was the most beneficial was having a 1:1 coach at all times to support me, but limiting the products or programs I was buying. My coaches kept me accountable and focussed. What worked best was in conjunction to working with them, if I took a course, I would not jump into the next until that was completed and mastered. Many women go from course to course without ever implementing. This makes things confusing, holds you back from retaining all the knowledge, and allows very little time to implement. What I found was that my best work was done after the course was actually over. I would take the same amount of time that I spent in the course to re-do the work on my own and watch it come to life in my business. This also ensured I would be getting a better return on my investment. Give yourself time to implement confident lady! I promise you will be much more satisfied with your investments!

12. Don't get sucked into the "manifest harder" pit. You can set intentions and goals, but saying them out loud 20x per day won't help you achieve them, only hard work will. So often I hear others saying “I didn’t achieve x,y,&z so I must not be manifesting hard enough”. WRONG. It is great to set intentions, to write those intentions down, to pray and meditate on them, however, what is most important is the execution. After you’ve done all of the above, what steps are you taking to see that goal come to life? Are you practicing your sales pitch? Are you connecting with new people each week? Are you relentlessly sharing your mission on social media? What is the greatest predictor of success? Certainly not manifesting harder, it’s putting your goals into actionable steps and doing. You’ve got this Confident Lady!! Write those intentions down and now go out and implement!!

13. Create a support network. Connect with people at your level who will understand you and be there to cheer you on. This was something that hit me HARD early on. I’m not gunna lie, it was really hard. I began to realize how different being your own CEO was than working for someone. I started to notice how quickly my mindset had shifted and I began to feel alone. I would be excited to talk to friends and family about my business, but oftentimes they wouldn’t understand. From their lens it looked like I was socializing on social media all day and not really working. They couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just turn off. I felt isolated, but understood it would be impossible to understand if you aren’t in it. I realized that I needed a community of support who would understand me. Who were in this with me and maybe were feeling the same way. I joined a few paid communities and programs and met INCREDIBLE women I today call my biz besties. I saw how important this was in my development and decided I wanted to create a place for women to be wrapped up in support. That is where my Inner Circle Program was born.

14. Have paid support around you. It's great to have biz besties, but they are there for FUN...they have their own problems to solve and not yours! If you want help with deeper mindset issues or strategy, hire a 1:1 coach or join a mastermind that has 1:1 built in so that you have SOLID support around you. I vowed to myself to always be working with a 1:1 coach for consistent accountability. Right now that looks like a mastermind with monthly 1:1 for 12 months. I saw the value of this model after launching my own Mindset Mastermind + Mentorship last spring. The women got HUGE results in a short period of time. They had monthly 1:1 coaching calls with me, weekly group coaching calls, and bi-weekly Masterclasses by leaders in other industries. After creating this environment for my clients, I knew I needed to find something similar to help me take my business to a whole new level for 2017. And boy has it been effective! My tip, keep the fun for the biz besties and business to your 1:1 coach!!

15. Let go of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Don't fall into the trap of "this is such a good deal. I better get it now before I miss out" mindset. Just because it's a deal or retiring doesn't mean it's the best thing for your business at that time. I remember first being introduced into the coaching world and wanting to fall for these deals myself. Then I realized, there will ALWAYS be another and a BETTER deal available. Even when doing sales in my own business, I NEVER pressure anyone to dive into the “great deal” if they aren’t 100% ready. During my Group Coaching launch over the summer I had a call with a lady who really wanted to join, but felt vacation plans and medical appointments could possibly hold her back from engaging as much as she would like to.  She honestly asked me “what do you think I should do? Should I just just sign up?” I told her NO. I informed her it will be something I will re launch in the future and I only want her to sign up if she feels able to put her all in at the moment. She thanked me for not pressuring her into the “buy now or lose your chance” tactics many use. And guess what? When I relaunched 6-months later she was the first to buy even before the early bird cart opened. So pretty please do NOT purchase if you have the FOMO mindset, purchase only if it’s what you NEED at the moment.

16. Get real with yourself. How badly do you want this? Are you willing to make sacrifices to make it happen faster than normal? Or do you want to still enjoy life and take time off? Either is fine, but if you do the latter, remember your results will take much longer than someone who makes all the sacrifices! Many women I work with say they want results FAST, but also want weekends and evenings off. I am super transparent with my clients, if you want results quickly, this isn’t going to happen. Today (as a new mom to my beautiful babygir!) I only work a few hours each day, but it wasn't always this way. It can be deceiving for some because they see how I run my business today with ease, bringing in a pretty nice profit, but don’t see what happened behind the scenes to get to this place. The first 8 months of my business was pretty much working 5:30am-10pm Mon-Fri and an additional 16 hours give or take on the weekends. Yea, do the math, that’s 90+ hours per week of strictly working....NOT sustainable. I work a third of the amount of time now, but again, it’s because I put the time in that would normally take someone maybe 2-3 years to do. This is exactly why you can’t compare your present to someone else’s middle, you just don’t know the backstory. The beauty of entrepreneurship is you have a CHOICE. You can choose to take your time and see success slowly evolve, or you can go all in, hustle mode and blow up your business quite quickly.

17. Be ok with messing up--this is how you learn. Let a client cross a boundary? Now you know you won't let it happen with future clients. Use each moment in your business as a teachable moment. I have learned to NEVER beat myself up over the little things! We ALL make mistakes in our business and we have to forgive ourselves, reflect, take the lesson and file it into our “lessons learned toolbox”. If you run your business in perfection mode, you will MISS OUT on opportunities and lessons to stretch and grow you along the way. Many ask “when do I start setting boundaries with clients that cross them?” I say “before you even start!” Many wait for the issue to arise before having a solution. This has been something that has saved me BIG TIME in my business. Having everything written out to begin with. This can really eliminate small disagreements and give your client clarity before whatever even happens. This has saved me SO much time and headache in my business and the less I have to worry about messing up!

18. Humble yourself. Know you must do the dirty work, the free work, the “lower totem pole responsibilities” AND be ok with it. We can't all start out hiring an assistant. You've got to work your way up! Last spring I really enjoyed reading The Power of Broke by Daymond John of Shark Tank. He interviewed dozens of successful entrepreneurs and the one thing I admired that they all had in common was starting from “humble beginnings”. Daymond grew up with a single mother and very little money. He busted his behind to help work his way up. He did the tiring, grueling, and dirty work no one else wanted to do and look where it took him?! He learned the value of a dollar, the importance of humility, and the power of consistency. This is where he coined the term “power of broke”. Those who succeed in business are those who do the hard work from the start, know and acknowledge there is no quick fix magic pill, and are in it for the long haul.

19. GIVE and give abundantly without expecting return. Offer free calls, scholarships, lower cost spaces in your programs, freebies, pretty much as much value as you can give without burning out. SO many new business owners go into business looking for ways that they can benefit. But what if you flipped that mindset and ran your business through genuinely helping others who needed it? This doesn’t mean giving ALL your 1:1 time away, but it means giving when you have the means and space to give, then GIVE. This really goes off of the last tip of humbling yourself. Many service based biz owners I work with say “I’m done giving free calls away. I’ve worked YEARS doing this work, why can’t I just make money?!?” I say, “if you want to make money, humble yourself and remind yourself that this is a NEW business, just like a new job where you would have to impress a boss, you must impress and win over your tribe!” This also takes the pressure out of sales! When you give abundantly in your business, you never have to sell a day in your life. People know, like, and trust you enough to spread your name like wildfire and will want more of what you have to give. The sales in turn happen naturally.

20. Take everything in the online world with a grain of salt. Just because someone says they signed on 10 clients their first month in business doesn't mean they did. Just because someone is boasting of six figure launches doesn't mean they actually had one. Get the picture? Don't believe all you see. In the online marketing world people like to skew results to entice you to purchase from them. Maybe they had a 20k launch in one day, but did you see the months of work that went into that launch? And realize that they now are booked solid with clients for the next 6-months, so rather than having a 20k-day, this really is SIX MONTHS of their income all upfront. Looks completely different doesn’t it? I’ve seen this time and time again. Someone boasting about their INSTANT success, yet knowing the backstory of what is really going on. This is why I don’t see it helpful to share my daily, weekly, or monthly numbers with you ladies. It could put some people into comparisonitis mode and not see the BIG picture of how hard I worked to earn that profit. This is why you HAVE to stay in your own lane and not let other’s boasting about their wins derail you from the path to  success you are on!! Got it?!

21. That next thing isn't going to be what brings you success. What brings you success is what's already within. Many people don’t like to hear this, but as a Mindset Coach I must tell you the truth, even when it’s not fun to hear! Success truly is within and oftentimes I see women who have so much within, searching for external fixes for their businesses. A new website. New pictures. New branding. New copywriting. You get the picture. Although the above are important aspects of your business, remember my dear, when building a business, progress over perfection. Start somewhere with the basics, but don’t focus on the external so much (constantly tweaking, revising, redoing, etc.) UNTIL you have a full, thriving, and profitable business!! I did all my graphics and branding myself via Canva the first 16 months of business. I knew with time I’d want to change things and getting clients and earning an income were way more important than perfect looking graphics. Again, I could have fixated on that and let that hold me back from putting myself out there, but decided it would be an excuse to not actually get started.

22. Start before you’re ready. You will never be 100% ready and learn to be ok with this. Sit in the uncomfortable and get comfortable with it. Not sure if you heard me tell the story of how my launch date for this business was supposed to be January 1, 2016? Well this was a date I had set in my mind. I began working with a new coach end of September 2015 and verbalized this plan. She said “why not launch now?” Well I thought she was nuts because like yesterday’s topic, "all the things" were not yet perfect + pretty + put together. She had me do some soul searching to see if it really were “the things” or if it would be possible to just begin somewhere. Well I decided it was an excuse I had been making and if I wanted to play big I would be missing out on time by waiting a quarter of a year to launch. That day I decided "I will launch now." It was one of the most chaotic times of my life. Hubs and I had an income property flood, tenant displaced, and a whole lotta rebuilding and $$ we had to spend. We had a family trip coming up that was planned months before that we couldn't miss, so I decided, I will launch on VACATION! Was I 100% ready? Not at all!! Did I know that if I started before I was ready I could have a better chance at making income and impact sooner? Hell yes! So I launched on that vacation and God later showed me I did the right thing. He allowed all the pieces to come together so that those first 90 days, I was building up momentum and KTL. By January I was earning a decent income, and an income I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t start before I was ready.

23. There is no “secret formula”, “magic pill”, or “roadmap” to success. Entrepreneurship is NOT one size fits all. Just because a series of steps worked for someone else, doesn't mean it will work for you! I teach my clients this ALL the time. It’s about being confident in who you are, what you do, and how you want to deliver this. I see so many women feeling lost because program after program and coach after coach are telling them that they HAVE TO do it their way if they want to be successful and “their way” contradicts the other coaches “way”. This is why having an unshakable mindset and soaring confidence is C R U C I A L for your business to succeed. You have to take what you hear, but personalize it to what feels best for you. This is how I was able to grow my business to six figures year one because although I heard a handful of ways to succeed, I only did what felt 110% aligned with me, my values, and how I wanted my business to run. I learned early on that when i tried to do it other people’s ways I would fail and then wish I had just listened to what my inner guidance was telling me to do. Once I did it my way, BOOM, success.

24. Mindset is EVERYTHING. I truly believe your mindset dictates 90% of your outcome. I didn’t have all “the things” people would say I needed to grow a six figure business, but I made sure my mindset was consistently in check. And because I was completely aligned with my actions, intentional, and lit up about what I was doing, all the other things didn’t matter and I hit my goals. Business smarts can only get you so far in business. You can have an MBA, all the best training, biggest mentors, but if your mindset is not in the right place (in a place of winning), sadly, you will miserably fail. This should be INSPIRING for those of you who feel you may not have enough training or credentials. Yes, I have a Masters Degree, but did I need one to create my coaching business? Not at all!! What I needed was a passion, drive, commitment, and a relentless and focussed mindset. Just know, you DO NOT need all the things in order to succeed in business. All you need is to believe in yourself and your mission!

25. Consistency + Visibility = a profitable business. I tell people, all you LITERALLY have to do is show up every single day repeating your message over and over again, and you will get clients. Many say “it sounds too simple”. Yea it does sound too simple, but it WORKS. And even though it sounds simple, it’s not that simple. People are really good at learning new techniques, trying new things, however, most people are NOT good with consistently executing. They will implement a new strategy in their business for maybe a week or two, but then move on to the next when they don’t get the desired result. What matters most is what you do over and over again. What you’ve tried for at least 90 days and then stepped back and re evaluated. I made VERY little $$ my first 90 days of business. BUT me showing up each and every day providing valuable content built my following, grew my momentum, and eventually paid off nicely! You have to give things time. You have to commit to showing up over and over if you want to see a result. It’s not rocket science my dears. Show up each and every day for over 90 days and I guarantee you will begin to see some growth in your business!

26. Your LIST SIZE does not dictate your success. I’m transparent with you ladies and I have just over 2000 on my list. And guess what?!! I FILLED my programs and 1:1 with a waitlist when I only had 380 on my list (last spring). NUMBERS don’t matter, ENGAGEMENT matters. Ask yourself, “how ENGAGED are my followers?” So many women beat themselves up trying to “up their numbers”, but again, numbers only matter if they are engaged and invested numbers. It’s better to have a list of 50 invested people than a list of 200 with 15% engaged.

27. You don’t need to be EVERYWHERE. Pick 1-3 places you want to show up, commit to showing up, keep your word, and then show up! I see so many business owners getting overwhelmed with ALL the social media platforms. And you know what? IT IS overwhelming and why I don’t engage in them all either! I chose two to focus my energy on, stick with those, and then engage on the others if I feel like it time to time. For me my free Facebook community + Instagram are my babies! I nurture these platforms with all that I have, showing up consistently each and every day with some type of value to share. And engagement is pretty high because my time and energy stays focussed and not spread thin among 5-6 platforms like others attempt. Always keep it simple beauty!! That is the key to success in business.

28. Only commit to what you are going to do. If you say you hop on Facebook Live every Monday, I will lovingly tell you that you better be there unless something big happens! Show up to each and every thing you committed to showing up for. This helps grow your trust and authority significantly. If you say you’ll be going on air for a FB Live at 3pm and not show up without explanation, how could people trust you will deliver on what you say you’ll be delivering? The only time I ever had to cancel a client’s session was when I was taken to the ER by AMBULANCE. I text my coach while at the hospital and she reached out individually to my clients to let them know I would need to reschedule our calls.  Easy tip to remember that will grow your credibility…...Just do what you say you are going to do and people will respect and trust you!

29. Under promise + OVER DELIVER. I ALWAYS leave things out on sales pages intentionally. I like to surprise my clients and add bonuses, send surprise love notes, throw in an extra group coaching session, etc. You want to WOW your clients and leave them on the edge of their seat while working with you! A coach I admire and have worked with did the exact same thing in her business! I walked away feeling so taken care of and even happier with the investment I had made to work with her. You want your clients to have the same experience. You want to sell them at the basic and then WOW them once they arrive through your doors. Ever stay at a hotel that just goes above and beyond with little touches? They usually aren’t HUGE things, maybe something as simple as milk and cookies before bed or a chocolate on your pillow, but these things leave us feeling taken care of. Do the same for your clients.

30. No matter what you’re going through in business, believe there is a reason behind it. Are you slow with booking clients? Maybe this is a time you need to be working on yourself to better prepare you for those clients. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have and the little time available to do it? Maybe this means you are getting closer to hiring support in your business to help alleviate the burden. Months 8-10 I had what I would call an inspiration high. I had programs, content, and ideas bursting out of me and I literally could not turn off from work. And I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t turn off. At this time I decided to hire a team to help take on some of the load for me, I felt something BIG was coming. And guess what? Later in month 10 I found out I was going to be a first time mama! Boy was I excited and also scared out of my MIND. Little did I know that the end of year one into my second year I would be stuck in bed unable to work due to severe “all day sickness” as I like to call it. During this time I had to learn to surrender moments of uncertainty and lean on the support of my team to pick up where I was unable to be present (which did not come naturally to me). I literally could not work or think about creating anything new. And guess what? I didn’t have to. All of that earlier inspiration and hard work brought me enough content, clients, and income to basically take 3-months off and still be bringing in 5-figure months. So again, let go of the control, surrender, and know there is a reason you are going through this experience at the moment. There is always a bigger reason…..a bigger why behind each and every win and (what may feel like) defeat that we face!

There they are, confident lady.

The top 30 lessons I learned in year one of my coaching business. I hope these tips inspire you to take massive action and start making your dreams a reality.

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