Greetings from Maternity Part II

Greetings from maternity!

I can't believe it's been almost two months since baby Annabelle came into the world. I recently shared an email with some old clients about how things have shifted big time in my business (which changed the way I will be working with my future 1:1 clients).

I never imagined that bringing baby AB into the world would bring up SO much stuff for me (which i'll share more about another time!). A close accountability sister brought up the parallels of birthing a business and baby. Now that I've gone through both, I can certainly see the similarities.

Remember, some days in business you'll feel on top of the world and others you may feel defeated. And the same goes for being a mama! AB will have a fantastic day, sleep through all her naps, and then the next day will feel like complete chaos with her screaming, Turbo barking, someone knocking at the front door, me hooked up to my breast pump hiding behind the curtains, and then Turbo tripping over the cord and pulling the pump right off me. Ha yea TRUE STORY! There's a first for everything and at least I can laugh about it now!!

This is LIFE.
Ups and downs.
Days you wanna throw in the towel and give up.
We fall.
But then we have a CHOICE...... to stay down and cry or to get back up.

I've been learning this lesson big time and even teaching it to baby AB as we practice tummy time. In order to strengthen her neck so she can lift on her own, she's gunna drop it a few times. It's not going to feel good.  But the more and more she pushes through the frustration, the stronger she will be. This was her lesson this morning. See pic attached! She kept falling. But I didn't let her stop trying. I cheered her on--even through the tears and then BOOM she began to lift her neck higher and higher. And for me to see this for her felt like a victory!

Where are you today? Are you experiencing some small bumps along the way? Or maybe some BIG bumps?

Remember, life is ALL mindset.
We have a CHOICE how we look at things.
We can notice the lack OR we can notice growth.
Sometimes we need a little help getting back up.
We need someone to reframe our situation and help us see the light in it.

This is exactly what I do for my clients. I help them uncover what's holding them back from showing up 100% in their businesses. I hold a mirror and am there to give them the support and strategies to show up their best whether it be during speaking engagements, on sales calls, when teaching programs or leading groups, and even showing up on social media.

I help my clients:
Uncover their best self
Believe in their best self
Begin acting as their best self
And then become their best self

Does any of this resonate with you? Comment below and let me know! If so and you think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at

Blessings + Abundance, 
XO Kate

P.S. Isn't she so adorable even with the pouty face?!