Power of Surrender

Hi Confident Ladies,

This week I want to discuss a Mindset topic with you…….the power of SURRENDER.  I think many of you know this has been a HUGE theme for me in 2017……..leaning back and surrendering at a level that feels super uncomfortable. Since day 1 of my pregnancy I knew baby Annabelle would be arriving early--something deep within told me to hold onto this and to plan accordingly. This whole story (with all the feels!) could be a book in itself, so I won’t get into that today LOL but just keep this in mind as I share!

I began The Confident Ladies Club August of 2015 and every day since I’ve been consistent showing up and delivering valuable content to you ladies. Back in December, I received a divine download to step back from my group--to release control of it. I had an idea to invite my clients to step UP and takeover the group for a few weeks post delivery of babygirl.  

It felt right……...but it also felt scary.

Some thoughts that ran through my mind ----> ”Will people leave? Will the group stop growing? Will people stop engaging? Will people forget me?”

These are all legitimate fears that most would probably experience.

AND that is the whole thing with MINDSET--most limiting beliefs or blocks are normal, but how we REACT to them is what can make or break our life + business. You can allow them to take over and take control of your life OR use them as learning experiences to grow. As a mindset coach I help my clients shift their perspective and get confident in the latter. And I would like to think I am pretty good at helping myself with this as well!

In that moment I began to explore the fears with myself. I started to get comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings. I put myself in the shoes of my tribe, who I knew would be happy for me to take some time off to spend with my newborn baby. And then my clients, who I knew would be elated to get the opportunity to step up as a leader and shine. And in time I became comfortable with this plan.

So I set out to make it happen by inviting my CL Inner Circle ladies to submit a proposal and share why they wanted to take over, what they would teach on, etc. And guess what? I had ELEVEN apply. Not only did they give a plan, but each one of them poured time, energy, and a great deal of love into their proposals. I was just about in tears when I read each one and I couldn’t choose just a few. Their plans were each filled with so much goodness. I felt a gentle nudge to surrender even more and accept each and every one of them.

And so I did.

And boy did it feel uncomfortable thinking ELEVEN weeks OFF?!?

I felt God nudging me to surrender even more.

I felt a nudge to begin my maternity 2 weeks earlier than planned and the takeover start right then.

And boy am I happy that I first surrendered and then listened. Annabelle was born just about 3 weeks early and I now had incredible women to take over and pour knowledge, wisdom, expertise, and love into my 2,000 plus ladies.

And now why did I tell this story?! Because I want you to grasp the power of shifting your mindset and SURRENDERING……..

See this picture below?

This picture shows the first 60 days of my maternity leave with me absent from my facebook community.

Did it fall apart? NOPE

Did it STOP growing? NOPE

Did it START growing? YES

Did it begin growing even faster than it did before my maternity? YES

How incredible is that?!

And now what was the impact it had on the ladies in there and also my clients?

All of you in the group were presented with INCREDIBLE content on topics that are totally out of my zone of genius and I would never be able to give to you. You became familiar with other women in the industry and their services/missions. And you had access to incredible free resources gifted by the guest experts

My clients were able to  step out of their comfort zone + practice being visible in a larger community. They were able to expand their tribe and connect with other women who would benefit from their expertise and services. And they were able to grow their own groups, lists, tribes, connections, while also getting some sales during the takeover!

Now these are just some benefits of SURRENDER…… it not only will impact YOU, but it could also impact those around you. Me letting go of control of my group accomplished ALL of the above PLUS also gave me space lay the foundation of motherhood and be there for my beautiful baby girl in her first days.

What are you holding onto so dearly today? What do you know you NEED to surrender in order to grow and expand in your life and business? Does any of this resonate with you? Comment below and let me know! If so and you think you might be ready to get some support with this, shoot an email to me at kate@katecrocco.com


Blessings + Abundance,

XO Kate