Where's your Mindset today?



Hello my Confident Ladies! =======Where is your Mindset today??======= Last night hubby and I were planning on seeing the new movie Joy and when we got there tix were already sold out. So we decided to go home and crack open a new ice-cream making book we recently got. On our way home my hubby had a craving for..... Hot Chocolate, but not just ANY hot chocolate.....he NEEDED Marshmallows! And I knew we didnt have marshmallows at home so we decided to run to the store quick.

We pull up to the grocery store and I tell him ill run in and grab them...

He goes " I bet you CAN'T do it in under 3 minutes". OHH if you challenge me I will beat your challenge and beat it with time left OVER! ha buttttt this is when I am in a CLEAR mindset. As I rush in, I chuckled thinking to myself, "he doesn't think I can do it, but I can". ++++++++ I was in a Mindset of WINNING ++++++++ SO I darted out of the car at at 8:51PM, grabbed the marshmallows, ran to self check out, got stuck at one that I couldn't put back to English as it was in Spanish, ran to the next one, checked out, and darted out of the store. I was at the exit outside waiting at 8:53PM. He was in a parking space so I am standing there on the curb waving the marshmallows up on the air, jumping for joy, and launghing, thinking to myself...... +++++I WON+++++!!!! He speeds over, I jump in the car and he couldn't believe it.... THREE MINUTES. The clock says 8:54PM. So now you're probably wondering WHY THIS STORY?!?! THIS IS WHY.......... You need to ALWAYS make sure you are in a mindset for winning. It is easy when you are challenged and have hiccups to say, "You know what, I'm already behind, screw this, I can't win anyway, I'm bound to fail". NO!!!!!!!!!! You keep on going and KEEP that Mindset of WINNING because YOU NEVER KNOW where it will take you!! When I was stuck at the register that I couldn't understand I didnt give up!! I ran to the next!! Are you approaching your biz with a MINDSET OF SUCCESS?! Or are you giving up when things don't work out the way they "were supposed to"?!?!? ++++ If you're ready to start bringing a MINDSET OF SUCCESS into your biz, email me at kate.crocco@gmail.com with the word "HELP"........and I will email you back with HOW I CAN HELP! ++++ XO Kate

PS The hot chocolate was SO much yummier with the MARSHMALLOWS, especially since I won the challenge!