Breaking Through the Fear of Investing


Hey Ladies!

This week we are talking "breaking through the FEAR of Investing in your Biz".  And in 2015 I invested 21k in my biz.

+++Yea, sounds like a lot, but in 2016 I’m dedicated to investing MORE+++ // Did I have all of that money upfront? Heck NO!!

// Did I invest a little at a time? YES!!

// Did I have to put it on credit cards in order to make it happen? I SURE DID!

// Did I pay those credit cards off right away? YEP!

// Did I get clients as a result of it? NOPE!! (go to the next question lol)

// Did I have to put 100% into those investments and work them along with my MINDSET to nurture & see them grow and THEN produce clients?! I SURE DID!!

// Did I make ALL this $$ back my first year in Biz? YEP!! +++++ Last and most IMPORTANT question+++++ // After spending over 21k in investments did I at least make my old 9-5 salary back after subtracting the 21k? I sure did PLUS MORE!!!!! I can still remember the FIRST investment I made in my 1st Biz...... .....a $59 a month all inclusive website. I was SCARED out of my mind investing this each month. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it back & the 1st couple of months I didn't. I HAD to change my MINDSET! I had to BELIEVE in myself and BELIEVE I would make it back! And once I worked on this $$ Mindset, my Confidence, and how I spoke with clients about my fees, within ONE MONTH, I booked my practice solid.

  1. Now how are you working through money Mindset in your biz now?

  2. Did you let the FEAR of $$$$ hold you back in 2015?

  3. How can you change this story in 2016?

Here's a little video to watch on making the most of your investments: Investments If you liked this video head on over the the Confident Ladies Club Facebook Group and tell us why!

AND if you are ready to ditch the "stinkin-thinkin" mindset and begin investing in your biz, email me at and I'll tell you how I can help!

Have a Happy & Healthy Week! XO Kate