Facing Fears in Your Biz......CONFESSION


This week we are talking Life of an Entrepreneur and our topic is " Facing Fears in Biz". And do I have a confession for YOU.........I shared with you all about how I took a trip to NYC this week to celebrate my dad's birthday, but also the ONE YEAR Anniversary of saying BYE BYE to my 9-5. We packed our day and a half there with lots of fun activities, but I'm going to be honest with you....


Fear of not being available for my clients and fear of it all unraveling while I was gone.


Yea it's pretty crazy, but guess what? Fear creeps in when we are VULNERABLE. And I am going to be honest with you, in all the excitement this year of growing my business and getting new clients, I tend to keep going and going because it all FEELS SO GOOD.

I feel on fire when I interact with you ladies. I feel invigorated when I coach you through a block. I truly feel myself.  And again, the best way to say it is "on fire" when I am working and planning my biz.

So much so that at times.... // I don't sleep as much as I know I should // I don't take as much "me time" as I should // I make trades.  You know.... like eating something for lunch that's quick & easy, but not super nutritious just so that I have extra time to finish reading a book I'm excited about or call a friend who needs to talk.

And ALL of this will eventually CATCH up with you. Because it did to me.

It's hard to slow down when you are passionate. But when you fail to do so, little things will creep back into your life.

And for me, fear was one. (how ironic with fear being the topic of the wk)

Fear doesn't feel good. It robs us from being in the moment. It takes the joy out of things. It holds us back from being our true authentic selves It can keep us paralyzed.

This is why I am being honest with you. Especially with the holidays approaching I don't want to find myself in that fearful moment again. I want to be present. I want to enjoy each moment I have with the ones I love. And I want to slow down, while ending the year confidently in my biz that I did the best that I could.

This is why I created the Success Tracker. To help catch vulnerabilities like I talked about above. If I had just been a little more mindful, I could have prevented fear from creeping in.

Really pay attention the next couple of weeks of the year and set limits with yourself. Work hard, but don't overdo it. I say this because I know personally, I can't stand when people tell me to slow down LOL So I won't tell you to slow down, but I will tell you what I tell myself...... "Do your thing, but practice being in the moment more".

If this email resonated with you, please share about it in the Confident Ladies Club to help give someone else insight who may be needing it today.

Have a happy & healthy day!

XO Kate