Clearing out the Clutter

Hey Confident Ladies!

This week we are talking Mindset and "Clearing out the Clutter"! What better way to start 2017 by making sure that ALL that mental clutter is swept away?!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

// Do I have extra stuff, relationships, unnecessary habits, and tasks that fill up extra space?

// Are they REALLY necessary?

// What would my life look like if that extra stuff was no longer lingering?

Here is  quick tool to rate where you are in terms of having mental clutter!! To start, rate where you are at in terms of identifying mental clutter from a 1-10 based on the scale below.

I rarely take inventory of the mental clutter I have lingering in my life ---1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10--- I CONSISTENTLY take inventory of the mental clutter I have lingering in my life + take action to REMOVE it

Are you happy with the number you got or do you know this is something you need to work on?? Here is a workbook that will help support you in clearing out the clutter in your life: 

What are your thoughts on these tips? Do any really hit home with you or confirm something you've been feeling for some time? I’d love to hear your feedback and even experience with this. Please share below in the comments. If you'd like even more support in your business, let's hop on a Discovery Call to talk about how I can help you meet your goals through some mindset coaching. Simply fill out this app and we will get your call in the books!

XO Kate