Enter to Win a Full Scholarship to my Lifestyle & Confidence Coaching Program

Hello Ladies!If this speaks to you, I am offering full scholarships to FOUR lovely ladies to work with me in my Lifestyle & Confidence Coaching Program.

A big part of being a confident woman is admitting that we can’t do it alone.

When we can admit this, hand over our worries & control to God, and then work on developing confidence, this is when we will begin living a life of freedom.

I am going to work with you on rebuilding this confidence to begin feeling in control of your life again and create a life of freedom.

Are you:

~An ambitious lady feeling stuck due to feelings of inadequacy?

~Someone very critical of yourself?

~ Always doing for others while neglecting YOU?

~ Having difficulty speaking up, saying NO, and asking for what it is that YOU want due to insecurity and fear?

Do you:

~Want to find your purpose and reconnect with your faith?

~Want to live a life of abundance & freedom from self-doubt?

~Want to grow your confidence while setting boundaries with people in your personal life & career?

~ Want to feel comfortable asking & expressing what it is that you want?

I want to guide you towards:

~Learning new skills that will assist in building your confidence and put you on a path toward creating a lifestyle of freedom, abundance, and authenticity.

~Re-discovering your faith and connecting to God.

~Discovering your purpose.

~Finding ways move to toward this purpose by learning to love YOU and begin setting boundaries in your life.

Oftentimes, us motivated, big-hearted women, are constantly giving to others and finding it very hard to give back to ourselves.

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that our energy is drained and we no longer feel confident enough to speak up, say NO, or even ask for help.

Please complete this application by Friday, August 7th.

I will be announcing the scholarship recipients on Monday, August 10th & we will begin our work together that week!

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with FOUR of you fabulous ladies!

Lifestyle & Confidence Coaching Program Scholarship Application
Lifestyle & Confidence Coaching Program Scholarship Application

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