How a Pinterest Board Changed My Life

yogi tea

yogi tea

Wanna know a secret?

A big juicy secret?

OK, I am going to be BOLD and say out loud.....

Here we go!!

"I used to HATE mornings and would DREAD going to work."

I can remember a turning point in my life when I was crying in the car on my way to work, because I was so miserable at my job. I was exhausted, felt undervalued, and completely over worked. I also felt physically drained and was sick all the time.

I knew I couldn't go on this way. I couldn't find another job, I needed my job to pay the bills, so the only way to change the way I was feeling was to change my attitude.

Ugh. I know, probably not what you wanted to hear. But at that time, I had to stick it out, I had no other options. So here comes the solution....

I started a Pinterest board.

Yeah, doesn't sound life-changing, but it's what I did! I began to "pin" and "like" quotes that made me happy, quotes that gave me hope, scripture that gave me peace, and this began to provide me with comfort.

I can remember my job being so awful that I would sneak away to the bathroom (we all know the stall is sometimes the ONLY place we can find peace at the workplace!) and look at my Pinterest quotes on my phone. I would also pray. I began to find a peace and knew deep down everything was going to work out.

And it did.

Eventually I got a new job.

And I integrated this into my morning routine.

Each morning I would spend 10 minutes reading a devotional. I would then search Pinterest for positive quotes, add them to my board, and have them available to read when I needed a pick me up. I was amazed how much comfort something this simple could bring me.

I knew that if I could find comfort this easily, anyone else could.

And so my Instagram account was born.

I posted positive quotes on my personal account for about year, and then I decided, "Why not share this little gift with the world? Maybe it will make someone else's day."

Just know that if you feel stuck today in a situation with no way out in site, you CAN change your situation by changing how you think. It is not easy, but it will be worth it.

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