Faith Based Abundance


Hey Confident Lady!

This week we’ve been talking Faith and our topic is " Staying in an Abundance Mindset".  Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

1. SURRENDER. Give it up to God. Whatever it is, big or small. Let go of holding onto outcomes so dearly.

2. ACCEPT. Accept and thank God for what he’s already given you. Even though it may not resemble what you prayed for, believe it is what you need. Accept that you are exactly where you should be at this moment.

3. Fill your mind with only positive words. “God is able. God will supply all my needs. He knows the longings of my heart. He can make the impossible possible, because through him he says.... I am possible”.

4.  REFLECT. Be grateful for abundance in your life in business even before you see it! Start keeping a gratitude journal. If you don’t already, take 20 minutes and write down all of those impossibles God already made possible for you.

Here is a personal example of faith based abundance in my business:

This time last year I was 7 months into my psychotherapy practice, filled with clients, with a wait list. However, I was ++clinging on for dear life++. I would worry all the time whether I could sustain the income I was getting (doubled the 9-5 I had just quit) and whether I could keep up with owning my own business.

Fast forward one year. I now have my second business, Mindset & Confidence Coaching, teaching my clients the foundational skills I learned during my time at Columbia University, as well as personal experience with mindset and confidence playing a role in the success of my first business.

Since the summer I completely stopped networking, marketing, and even took down my social media accounts for my therapy practice and guess what???

>> It runs itself with ease

>> Clients flow in non stop

>> I have an ABUNDANCE of ideal clients

>> My phone rings off the hook from professional referrals

>> I get to send all of the referrals to other therapists who need clients YIPPEE!! (8 to be exact in the last WEEK!!)

>> They feel blessed to get clients and are learning the concept of abundance through my actions

I only see clients Tues/Thurs 3-8pm (very little work outside of that) and I have MORE than enough. I am able to fully invest my time in coaching fabulous women in business and it's fun to diversify what I do. I get to learn therapy techniques and trainings that I can apply to my Mindset and Confidence Clients. This year I am planning on attending an intensive DBT training.

I believe that mindset is 90% of business success. And living in a mindset of ABUNDANCE makes life and work fun, fulfilling, and ABUNDANT! Like I mentioned above, it WASN’T easy in the beginning. I had to seriously flex my faith muscle, while working my confidence AND mindset all at once. I was SCARED out of my mind, but this drew me even close to God and laid the foundation of me living in an ABUNDANCE mindset.

I am telling you this because it is possible. Remember the more you receive, the more you have to give, so make sure you are also ready to receive my dear!

Have a blessed and abundant week, XO Kate