No Such Thing As Competition


Happy Fri-YAY Confident Lady!

This week things have been a wee bit different in the Confident Ladies Club. We have had our BIG Giveaway going on so daily content was replaced with giveaway prompts. P.S. You still have time to participate if you want a chance to win a 1:1 session with me!

Someone asked in the Q & A thread about one of the biggest confidence blocks that I see as a coach. I answered it in a video pinned to the top of the group page. Click the below picture to get my A!

Keepin it short and sweet today ladies. Bottom line, we are all special and unique in our very own way. I do not believe competition exists. I have friends who are also Mindset Coaches, but each one of us has our own spin, our own story, and a different set of skills that will appeal to different people.

Pretty please remember this today. You are special. You are unique. And YOU my dear have a special story to share with the world. Quit holding back and make it happen!

Lots of love & Blessings,