Growing Through the Uncomfortable


Last week we talked about self-care and we all made a pact that we would spend at least an hour over the weekend practicing…….Did you do it?! Ok to be completely honest, I had to flip back to my calendar to even remember what I did. And yes, I did keep the pact! I had some fun with my hubby getting apple cider donuts and apple cider at a local farm stand and then making butternut squash soup with the squash I picked up! YUMMO! Find the recipe HERE.This week in the The Confident Ladies Club we discussed Confidence and growing through the uncomfortable in your biz and career.  Here are a few tips that have helped me work through the uncomfortable in my biz:

  1. Working through the "I'm not feeling ready". Ladies, we will NEVER feel ready and if you wait to be ready, it will never happen. I am lovingly nudging you today to just start somewhere. Trust me, I have worked through this feeling a lottttt. Even one example pretty recently, "I am not going to "launch" my program until 2016. I want my website to be perfect, I want videos to share, I want branding to be complete." It was ALL an excuse. I will share more about this tomorrow for Wisdom Wednesday.

  2. Quit the "I'm afraid of failing mentality". Yea, I am being pretty blunt today, because again, I care about you ladies and being comfortable never challenged anyone. I will tell you this, I have failed MANY times. And thank God I did because I took something from it each time. For instance, last summer in my psychotherapy practice I had many people asking about self esteem groups for college girls. EVERYONE and their mother was interested. I spent so much time putting together worksheets, material, and a complete six week program to offer ALL of these people who wanted to come to this group. Well, guess what? No one signed up. Not one persons schedule matched with another. It was disappointing. I poured a lot of time and energy to make it happen and it didn't. You will fail at some point, it's inevitable, but how you react to it is what's important. For me, I ended up signing on some new 1:1 clients, some of the mothers decided they needed extra support. It's all about perspective!

  3. My last tip is don't even go there with the "I’m too young, old, inexperienced, poor, busy, etc." You can always find a reason to NOT do it. Now what was mine? I'm too young. I look like I'm 16. No one will believe me when I say I have a graduate degree from Columbia. Ladies, don't fall into this trap! Age does not matter and you can actually use this to your advantage. In my therapy practice I had many mothers calling wanting their college age daughter to work with me because they thought because I looked young they would relate better. I have literally had potential clients ask my age over the phone and sigh of relief when I told them I was under 40. Now that was scary, because at first I felt they wouldn't think I was credible being so young. But that was my problem and my insecurity. So NO excuses!


Have a happy & healthy day!

XO Kate