Handling Disappointment


This week we’ve been talking Mindset and “Handling Disappointment". Here are a few tips to take away this week:

1. Keep your Eye on the Prize: What is it that you ultimately want in your business? Don’t let this one “disappointment” throw you off course. How do you know this isn’t a “redirection of course” from God or your higher power? Let’s start replacing the word “disappointment” with “redirection”.

2. Keep the FAITH: What does faith mean to you? Do you believe in someone or something higher than yourself? My faith is in God. He’s always got my back. When I can’t see one step in front of me he is holding my hand and guiding my path. He knows the innermost desires of my heart that I can’t even see just yet.

3. Have Support: Do you have friends, family, colleagues, or a coach who you can process redirections with? Make sure this person can fully understand the business and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. Your coach would be the best person to process it with, because they will give you an unbiased opinion.

Where are you at today? 

Here are a few questions to leave you with this week: // Do I handle disappointment well? // Can I see the bigger picture? // Am I still hopeful when things don’t go my way? // Can I actually get in the mindset of peace when things don’t go as intended because deep down I know that means something better is on the horizon?

Here's a little nugget of wisdom to try out+++++ Replace DISAPPOINTMENT with REDIRECTION++++

Know that this situation is actually leading you to the path you are meant to be traveling on. I no longer feel sad when something doesn't go my way, I KNOW that there's a bigger AND better plan for me.

Below I posted a video where I share a personal example of learning through "disappointment". If you like this video please make sure you share it with a friend. And if you are ready to begin working on your mindset and getting yourself in a mindset for success, shoot me an email at kate.crocco@gmail.com and I will tell you how I can help!

Have a blessed and abundant week,

XO Kate